Wednesday, February 25, 2015

IN MEMORIAM ANNA (Year of the Frog)

Anna's cranes
Last summer I found myself in the hospice section at Beth Israel.  One of my YCT clients was there.  To protect her privacy I am calling her Anna.  Anna and I had become friendly and I had worked with her a couple of times outside of YCT Foundation (YCT).  She loved reflexology and acupuncture and felt very comfortable with me, she said.   

At the hospital I found out from her brother that she had been battling cancer for fifteen years.  Fifteen years.  I had no idea.  Only a year earlier she invited me to see her perform at a community center.  She had so much grace, she moved so effortlessly.  I enjoyed watching her.  Leading up to the performance she told me how busy she was with dance rehearsals.