Friday, November 23, 2018

In Memorian Mowgli: Olfactory Greetings

Mowgli enjoying „olfactory fireworks“ 
Nov. 19, 2018

"Dogs are not our whole life , but they make our lives whole."  (Roger Caras)

What is this so familiar smell?  Well, it was Mowgli's breakfast.  Two or three days ago I started smelling something very familiar, which at first I could not pin point.

We started feeding him raw food earlier this year.  It had a very distinctive smell.  Even now that I am writing this, it is with me.  I feel comforted and a bit amused.  At times it seems like eons that he is gone, and I am totally okay with it, but other times it seems impossible.  I am not expecting this to change any time soon.  When I see someone who asks about Mowgli, I tend to tear up.  Everyone has been very kind acknowledging his passing with cards, talks and hugs; thank you all for your kindness.

It has been almost four weeks, short and long at the same time.