Saturday, May 28, 2016

Encounters "on the street" with A Legend/Gentleman - RIP Mr. Bill Cunningham

I have known the "on the street" column as long as I have been aware of the New York Times, in other words, many, many years.  Sightings of him always makes my day.  
This morning, however, I won the jackpot.  I was the beneficiary of his gentlemanly and kind manners.

As I was about to cross the street and he was about to make the turn, we both stopped to let the other go.  I was startled by the sight of him, HIM.  Only a few people were out at this hour.  

I: I am almost sure I said, "good  morning, after you."  
He: I think he did not say anything, just gestured the same thing.  "After you."

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tabi or Kinky?

Kinky vs. Tabi - recently on Broadway.
It's barefoot season.

Sensing the surface we walk on through the thousands of nerve endings (the last number I heard was 200.000) on the feet means communicating with the brain and rest of the body.  The feet get reflexed in other words, and this is exactly the reason why I got so curious about barefoot walking and wearing tabi (see photo, right side)

(To architects the design of the foot, the arch particularly, is a masterpiece, I read once.  Oh, arch, architects - lightbulb! And I totally agree for many other reasons.) 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Birgit Loves Mowgli #heartmowgli