Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Word "Bunion" Crossed My Mind, Then the Word Arthritis, Then I Got Busy!

Gotta love your feet all inclusively, webbed toes and bunions.....
And then the word why, followed by a reassuring no, I can't imagine.  However, it is a fact that I could have a bunion or two or arthritis.  The fact that I think I have been treating my feet rather well for a long time may not be good enough, there is genetics (possible anomalies of the feet) after all and other factors, like diet (I am trying very hard to get all the nutrients to keep healthy), keep stress at bay (I live in noisy polluted NYC but love the Big Apple anyway), etc. 

So what prompted that?  I felt a burning sensation on the base of my left big toe (hallux) a few weeks ago for the first time.  Are my shoes tight, heels high?  How am I moving about?  I was scanning my body from the feet up to the head.