Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mowgli is back to normal!

Shaking off after a swim...

Refreshed but reprimanded - see the slight  snarl, hey, hey Mowgli! 

some more cooling off after 3 hours of exploring...

Mowgli seems to have recovered so well from that terrible rat poison incident.  Luckily, he never showed any symptoms and about three weeks after he was caught eating poison, we went for a lovely hike on one of these perfect spring days.  Mowgli ran for three hours and did some swimming as well.  I am so happy about the vets' treatments.  And, of course the Dien Cham sessions continued to keep stress levels down to support the healing process.

Re Cold: Herb Pack and Savasana, Herb Pack as Pillow

herb pack for shoulders ...
...the same pack used on chest at night

Tools included in my self care/wellness kit are three herb packs I bought a couple of years ago at one of NYC's holiday markets.  During the worst of my cold covered in my previous post, I used one of them designed to be worn like a collar to soothe shoulder tension.  Alone the fact that it smelled good made me happy.  It was draped over my chest after heating it in the microwave (for 90 seconds, flipping it over midway) to keep the chest area warm, to help the area to open, then I fell asleep.  Four hours later at 4:00am,