Monday, December 27, 2010

Anemia - Week 10

Week 10, the final week of the study ended on Dec. 23.   Iincluded a photo of my study tools: the book marked with flags, my red notebook, my favorite pencil, my favorite pen, a hand mirror, as well as my selenite stick resting on a pillow, and, of course my protocols which are peeking out from underneath the notebook. 

I had an opportunity to try the protocol for "shooting pain" (p. 156). My neck was hurting again and I had a headache. I did the basic session, then the above protocol followed by the usual ones. My notebook entry said: offered relief but it took a while. For the remainder of the week my neck felt fine but I decided to be proactive about the chin points due to the fact that it has been cold and I have added a thick scarf and heavy coat in addition to doubling up on turtle necks. Sometimes I get a bit stiff spending time outside with the dog watching him wrestle with friends and I was visited various outdoors x-mas markets.
What troubled me last week was my right arm from the elbow area through the upper forearm. I had been falling into bed twice rather late and woke up with a numb feeling in my right arm. I remember having been a bit cold at night and not wanting to move despite the discomfort.  The following points were used to alleviate the heaviness, the stagnation: Point 98, Point 19, Point 97, Point 51, Point 60, Point 0, Point 51. (p. 243/244). When I palpated, the area around the elbow was rather intense and I thought it might take a while to undo the stagnation.  However, although it did not subside completely, there was an immediate improvement and I decided to just let it be and return to the protocol later if needed; later that day I realized that the pain was gone which surprised me pleasantly. I should add that it was problems with my R wrist, elbow and forearm that got me started with acupuncture and led me to study reflexology.  

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Stress Relief - Week 10

Inspired by B’s week 7 post and in response to my goal for week 9, I did a standard session on the Saturday of week 10 looking for sensitive areas. I started with the basic session for relaxation and toning up and then went through the sequence as MFM suggests. I was a little disappointed with the exercise as I didn’t find much sensitivity but maybe that's not a bad sign.
There was slight pain/discomfort in points 34, 124, 180, 19, 17, 87 and 16 but nothing strongly discernible. Stimulating point 50 created a nice feeling in my neck/shoulder on the right side. The region around point 7 warmed as I worked it. I felt a release in my sinuses when I worked point 3, my sinuses cleared after the second stimulation of point 342 and my nose started running once I had finished the session.
After the standard session, I did my four usual protocols and point 124 was less painful.
Congratulations on finishing the study, ladies, and thank you for sharing your insights!
I will post photos of the tools I use later this week. My "notebook" is, unfortunately, just a collection of pieces of paper.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Stiff Neck - Week 9

Happy Healthy Holidays to All!!
BN- I am continuing after next week and would be interested in any advanced knowledge
about Facial Refl.!
This past week I had the opportunity to 1/2 swap massage with MG and we both realized some pointers, so to speak. My tools have one end that is much sharper than what she was using and she seemed to like this on some points. I use the duller side on points like 0 and when massaging an area not just a point.
Using different tools, applying different pressure, and choice of sequences adds uniqueness to each massage. All my experimenting makes me want to understand how this type of massage works physiologically speaking because for some ailments it helps and/or totally removes or reduces pain. What I'm working on now for part of week 9 and 10 is: my big toe on the right foot started hurting on our am walk. started massaging point 365. At first I didn't feel anything on my chin, but my toe felt a little better. Now after 4 days of including point 365 in my routine my chin has one spot that is sore. Now you could say its because I've been massaging it, but My pressure or length of time is minimal. My toe is not hurting right now(usually gets worse with walking) but my chin has this minimally sore area that I was not aware of until I started massaging it. This all raises questions for me: If I massage this point more will it help or hurt? What about the massage actually helps? Is it all hit or miss as far as amount of time both massage time and how many days to keep including set point? I know some or part of the answers to my q's, and I become more confident in this craft the more I figure out for myself. However, using the blog as a sounding board and receiving other's experiences speeds up the process. If I could sit down and quietly read the whole of MFM's book maybe all the answers are there, but that won't happen for awhile. As I've said before: the beauty of this book is that its a useful resource and info. is easily accessible.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Anemia - Week 9

The neck/occiput points continued to be very helpful throughout week 9 and alleviated neck pains and a headache that seemed related to it; on Sunday I had a terrible tummy ache.  In retrospect I wondered whether I was coming down with a stomach flu (I am not sure I ever had one thus did not really know what it is supposed to feels like, however I heard it was going around). - I was too tired to look up a protocol as we were driving back to the city and decided to use what I remembered; I worked the stomach zone as per the frog on the face image and a point close to the belly button on the L side that - as I was once told - can help with stomach issue - and I also focused on breathing into the area - about 1 1/2 hours later it was all gone and I was back to normal - was it something I had eaten for lunch?  I skipped dinner  and decided to start drinking fresh ginger tea just in case something was brewing, but luckily that was it.
I should add that I have not been doing the beginning of a cold protocol since I have not had the usual morning sniffle these last couple of days.  Thank god I have not yet had a cold this fall/winter.  Perhaps the combination of using the neti pot and the mentioned protocol helped to get rid of the morning sniffles - I used it twice or three times last week.
Here are some additional findings: (p. 156); a. Pain, b. Shooting Pain; these protocols are on my list of protocols to explore - would one of them have also alleviated my neck pain/head ache had I been aware of them and perhaps my tummy ache more quickly?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Stress Relief – Week 9

I’ve had a cold and sore throat since last Wednesday. I was lying in bed Wednesday night when I decided to try Dien Cham via the frog on the face. I found that the area above my eyebrow on the right side of my face (I think this would be the point 34 zone) was numb at least on the surface. The right side of my nose/face was congested. As I applied pressure to the area above my eyebrow I felt an immediate draining in the sinuses around my nose. So I continued. I looked just now and found that point 34 does in fact correspond to the sinuses. I worked the area until the numbness subsided which may have been too long. I may have been overzealous, applying too much pressure since I was getting results and since the area had initially felt numb. Later in the night, I thought my head was going to explode. I had a lot of pain and pressure in my head. I felt much better in the morning once I took a hot shower though. The runny nose and sore throat continued through the weekend but I haven’t had much congestion since Wednesday night.
My Mom worked on me last Sunday night. She did the basic session and my four protocols with her own tool instead of mine. Her tool is so much finer! She uses the writing end of a pen with no ink in it. It was a much different sensation. When she hit point 1 on the bridge of my nose it felt like a point on the nose was being hit. When I hit point 1 with my tool that’s about a quarter of an inch in diameter, it applies broad enough pressure to clear my nasal passageways. I don’t know that one is better than the other, just different. My Mom worked the point 0 zone in a downward direction since I was on my way to bed. Previously I had always worked the point 0 zone up and down. Now I work it upward if I need energy, downward if I am winding down. I am planning to reciprocate my Mom’s session, maybe over the Christmas holiday.
I did the Standard Session on myself (my goal from last week) over the weekend and will report my findings in next week’s blog.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

stiff neck week 8

Ok so the reason I'm late is because it took me a few days to remember what I wanted to include in this blog. First, I would like to comment n MG's blog about sequencing: I don't think you are over thinking it at all and I would like to figure it out. For now, though, I've been trying to separate the different sequences by using point 0 if I'm combining my programs.

Now how many of you know the difference between arthritis and arthrosis? I have to admit that even as a nurse I was not sure. arthritis is inflammatory and arthrosis is degenerative. I bring this up because my back and hip have been bothering me at the end of the day, so guess what I started doing?! That's right MFM has point sequences for both arthritis and arthrosis of different body parts. It does help, but not for long and only if I stay off my feet.

I am going to have to start writing each day though cuz by the time I go to blog its hard to remember especially if you don't blog til Tues. or Wed.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Stress Relief - Week 8

Sorry I am a day late. I was home yesterday with my son.
I’m starting to feel more comfortable in my practice. I’ve been doing each of my 4 protocols from start to finish around mid-day each day and it’s starting to have an anchoring effect. Doing one longer session each day has made my practice more consistent and I am feeling consistently calmer perhaps as a result. People have commented that my mood seems to be more consistently upbeat. I notice I have more patience in situations that used to unravel me. I’m also feeling more confident in hitting the points in my protocols. I notice when my pen hasn’t quite hit the correct spot. Point 34 is becoming one of my favorites.
I accidentally altered my coffee intake a few days recently. Prior to the study this would have given me a headache but not so recently. One of my 4 protocols is for headaches.
I had a few more thoughts about the discussions we’ve had on the sequence of points. I think MFM says that there are only two reasons why you would not see results when using Dien Cham: incorrect stimulation of points (i.e., not hitting the point) or insufficient pressure (I don’t have the book in front of my so I am paraphrasing). This might indicate that sequence does not affect the efficacy of your practice.
However, Birgit and I were wondering how your practice might be affected if you combined several individual protocols into a single protocol on one facial grid as we have done for the study. Would this be less beneficial than doing the protocols individually since by combining them you would not be following their individual sequences?
Based on these two reasons MFM offers, I can see how combining them might make the practice less beneficial. Because by combining protocols you would work each point only once whereas doing each protocol individually you would work each point as many times as it appears in a protocol, e.g., point 124 appears in all 4 of my individual protocols so when I do each protocol separately, I work point 124 4 times. But when I do a combined protocol, I work point 124 only once. This could be interpreted as insufficient pressure unless you compensate some other way when doing a combined protocol, e.g., you might work point 124 longer than the other points because it is sensitive.
Not sure if that makes any sense. Maybe I have given this too much thought!

Goal for the week: do a standard session making a note of sensitive points.

Anemia - Week 8

Tuesday was somewhat of a crisis day; I had a hectic morning (was meeting MG before work; we shared passion fruit tea) and there was no time to do the complete session until later in the afternoon.  I did the EGM and the basic session as usual before getting out of bed; I was hoping for the yoga class to bring relief to the L side of my neck/shoulder.  However, the neck tension continued more or less throughout the class, and then I got busy again; there was still no time to do the cervical spine protocol in detail working all the points;  I had squeezed in the zones based on the projection of the frog on the face on the run, but it did not seem to make the usual difference; finally I sat down in the mid afternoon and went to work; the usual cervical spine points made a tiny difference only; I admit I was getting a bit impatient - I wanted this to be gone for the time being - so I consulted the book and found two neck-related listings on page 243 under reference lists: the main correspondence points for parts of the body, functions and symptoms: neck and neck/occiput and decided to add the latter points ending as usual with the Point 0 Zone;  these additional points (located on the chin) seemed to make a big difference and undo whatever was going on - bingo!  Obviously that made me think about the exact location of my neck pain which usually starts around the lower cervical vertebrae (3, 4,5) and often makes its way down to the shoulder but it made sense to work the occiput since the pain that day was close to the area where the skull and neck meet and I should add that I had a headache as well which was alleviated once I added the additional points.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Stiff Neck - Week 7

Ok, now I'm a day late, but this week was very interesting in the same way that Anemia found her dreamy sore throat. My job has been less than satisfying and filled with frustration and stress. This isn't new and I'm sure it contributes to the stiff neck and HA's I experience which is why I was interested in this study to begin with. I don't like to take any medications so I'm always looking for more natural ways to help my body heal itself.
Anyway, one night this past week I went to bed exhausted and thought for sure I'd sleep like an hibernating bear. At 2 AM I woke up and could not go back to sleep. My neck hurt on the left side behind my ear and I was trying so hard to fall asleep because I knew 5 am would come quickly. My thoughts would not stop and most of them were not logical and I knew wouldn't fly in the daylight! When nothing was working I got up, pulled out MFM and turned to Anxiety. Its on p.71 and I won't repeat it all; just this one line that so aptly applied . " certain cases of illogical worry or anxiety, especially if worry becomes acute between one and three in the morning!" (I have had abnormal liver function tests in the past, but nothing serious)
So, my stiff neck/HA truly subsided, went back to bed and slept peacefully for 2 more hrs.
These protocols are working for me!! In fact, as I mentioned before I was doing the protocols for hot flashes in addition to my assigned ones and I have been experiencing fewer, but it seems to be important to do these points every day.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Anemia - Week 7

Last week I realized that our study week ends on Thursday not Friday: yet another reason to work the various brain reflexes. But I am back on track.
My neck pain was mostly kept at bay, had a lot of sniffles (usually first thing in the morning) so I have been using the respective protocol a lot.
I did some reading; as a result I decided to go stone-shopping in my neighborhood and kill two birds with one - stone that is:
a) to have presents for the reflexology party I was invited to
b) to have some for my own use since I have become so fond of my selenite wand which is somewhat fragile though.

Stress Relief - Week 7

Inspired by the book I mentioned last week, Born to Run, I’ve altered my diet a little. Last week, I started eating salad for lunch on days I work, a practice I plan to continue. For the past 13 years, my diet has been mostly vegetarian. I started eating meat again about 3 years ago but I think I will cut back again.
I had some sort of reaction to something at the beginning of week 7. It’s something I’ve experienced before but I’ve never known what causes it. The symptoms are hardly visible but the skin on my face seems to harden and the outer layer gets dry and flaky. It lasts a few days and is gone. It’s like I’m shedding the top layer of skin. I wasn’t sure what protocols to work for this because I don’t really know what it is. My son was home sick throwing up around the same time but I’m not sure if the two could be related.
Other than that I have felt pretty good this week. Oddly optimistic. Maybe it's the Christmas spirit.
I noticed this week that I have been working point 50 on the wrong side of my face. I was looking at the grid of the face in my plan of action and thinking it was a mirror image. Point 50 falls on the left side of the grid so I was working the left side of my face. But the left side of the grid actually corresponds to the right side of my face. So for the first time this week I worked point 50. I may have imagined it but point 50 seemed to groan “finally, you have found me!” once it felt the pen.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Linda Chollar, CA Reflexologist shows support

Linda Chollar, a fellow reflexologist from California wrote about my comment to the New York Times on her blog.  Thank you, Linda.
Publish Post

Monday, November 29, 2010

I think I had a dream

This morning just awake but barely, I noticed that my throat was sore; I debated for a second on which point to work, then I decided on the throat chakra reflex, then I must have fallen asleep again.  When I got up about twenty minutes later, there was no trace of a sore throat.  I thought perhaps I had been dreaming.  But now, my throat seems a bit sore again - was it a dream? 

Anemia - Week 6

Fall/Spring Central Park, Nov. 26, 2010
On Black Friday, I started the day with a long walk with Mowgli in Central Park, happy to escape the city streets.  The park was beautiful and inspired me to take photos.  This must be the most colorful fall ever although one tree seemed to have thought it was spring already (see photo).  My week was less stressful so I did not take many notes, but enjoyed doing my protocols; I do not remember my neck/shoulder bothering me much.  I started going to bed earlier and thus getting up earlier; my morning ritual consisted of the usual energy giving massage (EGM) followed by the Basic session (relaxation/toning up) while listening to a classical music station.  In case I had additional time, I added some chakra balancing which I treasured as I am really getting quite interested in getting in touch with these "energy centers" through my face and by using the mantras.
My new favorite tool has become my selenite stick (wand is a better word), other than that it is still my bent index fingers.  
You may have noticed my previous post on the New York Times article Children Ease Alzheimer’s in Land of Aging.

Stress Relief - Week 6

Week 6 ended in a state of heightened relaxation. The delays I was dreading on the busiest travel day of the year as my son, my sister and I travelled via train and then, joining my parents, via car on our trip to Massachusetts never materialized. And although I helped clean up, I was shamefully uninvolved in the preparation of Thanksgiving dinner. Instead, I took a 2 hour nap next to my son. As I said, shameful.
But a break from both the city and my daily routine did wonders for my psyche. I like to think that my practice of Dien Cham helps forge a silent but steady current offering energy to my every action. Some circumstances are just more conducive to receiving that energy. Unfortunately, I don’t think my current day to day offers such circumstances. But all the more reason to practice!
I worked on both my sister and my sister-in-law over the Thanksgiving break. One’s neck and shoulders were bothering her; the other had a migraine. Both seemed relaxed by the session even though this was the first time anyone took a pen to their face. But neither reported immediate relief although neither did they report pain in any of the points I worked. So I may have missed the point so to speak.
I worked from the image of the frog on the face to address the neck/shoulder pain since I didn’t have my book with me. And from MFM’s protocol for migraines since I later realized my Mom did have her book with her.
My Mom and I were talking generally about the study when I realized I haven’t had a single headache since the study began. Headaches are part of my plan of action. I should mention that I think my headaches prior to the start of the study were from altering my caffeine (coffee) intake and I have been more consistent since the study began.
On a side note, I finished a book called “Born to Run” over the holiday which I would highly recommend. I thought about it a lot in light of foot reflexology as it talks about the design of the foot, our inherent nature as runners and the benefits of barefoot running.

Stiff Neck - Week 6

I have experimented many times this week. Mostly trying different point sequences for different ailments. I did my regular sequences, but tried others.
Just read several other blogs and the articles about reflexology-thank you-very informative and fun to read.
MG commented on practicing on her sister which I did also. she said she was more relaxed after the sessions.
I also had brought my book to a massage session which led to a lively conversation about reflexology, frog on the face, and how truly intertwined the human body is. We also talked about how many people do not recognize the amazing healing power the human body has.
Just for the record--I am not writing as much, but I am practicing for longer periods of time because I'm fascinated with the results. One place I've been trying to practice is at work. I've started using the sequence for relaxation and MFM says to practice all the female hormonal points every day for hotflashes--will let you know about results.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

NYTimes Article 11/26-comment on massage vs. reflexology

The New York Times published my comment (#61) made with respect to the article In a Land of the Aging, Children Counter Alzheimer's, one of yesterday's features.  There is a video to go with it and there are an additional 66 readers' comments.
I suggested that what was referred to as foot massage seemed to be Reflexology.  I had read the  entire article which is extensive and very interesting, however, the word Reflexology was not mentioned at all.

What I did come across was this: During one massage session, 16-year old Oh Yu-mi rubbed a patient's toes, saying: "I am doing the heart".  The heel is the reproductive system, it will help them excrete better."  What I am aiming at now is the definition of Reflexology.   

This is the definition of Reflexology as per NYSRA (New York State Reflexology Association)
What is Reflexology?
Reflexology is the physical act of applying pressure to the feet and hands with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques.  It is based on a system of zones and reflex areas that mirror the image of the body on the hands and feet with the premise that such work promotes a physiological change within the body.

Please, note the underlined part reflex areas that mirror the image of the body on the hands and feet.  Oh Yu-mi may not be familiar with reflexology terminology but the poin to him is that the foot is more than the foot, he actually sees the entire body mirrored on the feet and that is what is different from massage (the technique is also different by the way); Oh Yu-mi sees a heart (reflex) on the foot and a reproductive system (reflex).   And that was the point I was,  making.  That is Reflexology - no doubt!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Weeks 2-5 Managing Stress & controlling diabetes

I apologize that it has taken me so long to resume blogging although I have been doing my best to work on managing stress and self-care – I sure do need it. But I have been keeping notes and so the following entries are from them. Thank you so much for your patience.

The end of Week 2 was unfortunately a bust. I thought I would be able to practice while traveling but after flying long haul with a baby alone and five days of social gatherings (funerals are like parties in the UK) I was beyond exhausted. When I arrived home, my son had caught a cold and I brought him to a doctor for antibiotics. The day after, my husband’s aunt and uncle arrived and would stay for 10days but I resumed my practice midway through Week 3:

I found it a little discouraging getting back into it for the first few days. I felt like I was starting from scratch and I’d forgotten how to do it without studying the chart.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Anemia - Week 5

We are at the midpoint - wonderful, although I hope we will all continue beyond the study.
Week 5 was a bit challenging, but for the most part I felt supported by my practice and it made a difference.  
I noticed that all of the points are less sensitive.  
On Thursday, I did the detoxification/drainage protocol for the 2nd time.
Also I did Dien Cham on my partner and a client using the selenite stick; both liked it a lot.
Happy Thanksgiving, ladies.

Stress Relief – Week 5

Well, we’ve made it halfway through our study, ladies. Good work.
I altered my practice on Thursday of Week 5. Instead of doing my combined protocol twice daily in 2 two short sessions (am and pm) working my way down my face, I am now doing each of my 4 protocols separately in one longer session working each set of points in the order MFM suggests. This is an easier schedule for me to keep and it seems to have breathed new life into my practice. Things had started feeling a little stale.
Having paid closer attention because of this study, I noticed during my biking adventures to preschool that I have a tendency to hold my breath when I am stressed. I was doing it on the bike and have found I do it when I am emotionally stressed as well. So I’ve made an effort to start breathing again. I went to a Yoga class during week 5, my first in years.
I developed a sore throat on Thursday morning so that afternoon I tried the sore throat protocol. I probably should have done it sooner but it was still pretty effective in temporarily reducing the pain in my throat. I was still congested though.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Stiff Neck- Week 5

Well, first of all, thank you MG!! No problems with blogging!
Thank you BN--L point 195 helped get rid of the finger inf. although now I still need to get rid of the bump. Someone suggested bloodroot and looking on line I might try it. Seems better than surgery to remove this mucous cyst.
This week started with a few days of pain in my neck (figuratively and physically)! I scheduled a massage and JB worked out a lot of the muscular stuff, but also helped with the stress that is adding to the pain. wed. i added the lumbar vertebrae points to my program which gives me 3 for the neck and shoulder region and this seems to be helping a lot.
I enjoy the time that I practice the facial refl. massage and now I've been adding little things to my routine which also help. I' haven't often used a mirror, but now I've been checking the point locations in the mirror and in the book. I also vary the blunt end and the pointed end of my refl. instrument. I have noticed that I've memorized a lot of the points--not on purpose, but this does help because I can then remove my glasses and its more relaxing.
I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Safe traveling and thank you BN and MG for introducing me to MFM!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Havoc Caused by Cold

About two weeks ago, I ran into a woman I got to know because we both own dogs. We talked about the weather and she stressed how bundled up she was.  Then she told me about an ordeal she went through that lasted about two years and that started with a simple cold, namely, several kinds of antibiotics, stomach problems, acid reflex, loss of weight, anxiety, doctors bills, just to give you an idea).
Of course, I showed her the protocol for onset of a cold.

Working with Gem Stones

A colleague told me about a store called Rockstar on W. 28th Street (see below link).  They sell gem stones. The selenite stick previously mentioned and shown I bought at a workshop with Lilian Tibshraeny-Morten (Reflexology and Meridian Therapy).

Monday, November 15, 2010

Anemia - Week 4

I used all protocols often this week - either the respective zones at least or the individual points when there was time - doing one after the other each one starting and ending with Point Zero zone.  That approach took longer but there was a difference as to how I felt.  My face, brain, the entire head felt amazingly alive, seemed flushed with energy/oxygen/blood/nutrients because I felt so nourished afterward; I felt present and prepared to do whatever I needed to do and was full of vigor.

Stress Relief – Week 4

Things seem to be holding steady for Week 4. I haven’t altered my protocol but haven’t experienced new symptoms either.
I did start practicing on my son before bed. He’d had a cough for a few weeks, the result of starting preschool, I think. So I decided to try the cough protocol on him. He tolerated it for a few minutes. But I didn’t get beyond applying pressure to the area above the eye brow before he batted my hand away. Then I tried point 0. I only worked one side of his face at a time because he was leaning on me and I couldn’t access both sides without making him sit up. His arms are often moving as we’re rocking as are his legs. But as soon as I rested my finger on his temple, his arms fell almost immediately. He was noticeably calmer almost instantly. On another night, he picked up my hand and lead it to his temple. Point 0 seems to be effective and he seems to like the effect. His coughing has also decreased.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Stiff Neck- Week 4

Time to confess- I'm having a difficult time accessing the place where you post each week and I have questions about the blog site, so any ideas about where I can go to learn more please comment.
This week I had an infected mucous cyst in my left long finger. No points for infection that I found, but did try inflammation points which are many. No comment on whether it helped because I started taking an anbx.. However, I wanted to know if in the book if MFM states whether you need to do the points in the order they are given.
Stiff neck back, but I also missed two sessions due to dtr. breaking right hand. Will try to comment more once I figure out a quicker way . E-mail works though.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stiff Neck - Week 3

Yes, I am late, but I am a volunteer....
Week 3 has been interesting. Throughout our sessions I have been very consistent about always massaging the points for stiff neck and fairly consistent with HA and right knee. I have changed utensils, used forehead tapping and started and ended with point O. This week I experimented with more on hot flashes. M-F M says one should stimulate hot flash points every day (which makes me think some of the massage response is cumulative where as some hits the immediate pain.) Well, Tuesday night 11/02 I had the Best Sleep Ever!! Didn't get up through the night, no hot flashes and no stiff neck. Haven't been able to figure out how to duplicate it, but since Tues. my stress level has increased considerably.
Overall, I feel like I'm calmer and my neck is much less stiff. Sat. night into Sunday morning I had a migraine at Meg's house. I did try to use the points, but was very conflicted because I wanted to be playing with my Grandson.
Ending with this in a whisper: I have had no pain in my right knee!! It's only fair to mention that I have a routine that I have also been faithful too, so not all the redit can be given to Facial Reflexology.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Anemia - Week 3

Week 3 ended on Friday, November 5.  Hopefully you all had fun trick or treating.  We spent some time in Central Park dressed up in a home made costume - we brought candy along for treating.  I was dressed warm, but when we sat down for a while I got cold.  As soon as I sniffled, I used the protocol you all have heard about before - at the beginning of a cold.  Later we had dinner close to the Halloween Parade route and admired the costumes parading by outside the restaurant.  I felt I had enough energy to do both.

Last week I used the memory reflex zones several times in between studying for a test;

Stress Relief – Week 3

Week 3 was stable. Physical symptoms from previous weeks have leveled off and no new symptoms have revealed themselves. My son and I rode the bike to school only one day during week 3. I tried a new route, focused on my breath, making sure to breathe -- I think I was holding my breath during the difficult parts of our previous rides -- and the ride was still challenging but manageable. I experienced some stress as my son continues to adjust to his new schedule at school. But I have noticed having a brighter outlook and a little more patience than before.
My read through of MF’s has added a small step to my protocol. On page 196 (chapter 5), she suggests starting every session with point 0 especially when tired or weak. Previously, I had been ending with point 0. Now I start and end on this spot.
Also, I read about point 124 in chapter 5. Point 124 is part of my stress relief protocol and the only point that has been consistently painful. Point 124 on the left side of the face (the side that has hurt) corresponds to the spleen. I found this interesting because I got a massage from a Reiki master in July and the spleen was the one deficient spot she mentioned. I plan to have some blood work done soon and will ask them to check my iron levels.
During the course of the week, more of the points on my forehead were somewhat painful when stimulated. This brought to mind the Principle of the Opposite Effect mentioned on page 15. I’m not sure I understand this principle very well. But I think MF is suggesting that we focus on painful spots, working them until they no longer hurt. And that we spend very little time on spots that do not hurt. So the pain should almost guide us. She says that overworking points that do not hurt could bring about a worsening of symptoms. This made me think of my “healing crisis” of week 2. I wrote that during week 1 many of the points on my forehead felt really good to stimulate, so good that, although my sessions were short, I may have overdone it. If anyone has a better understanding of this principle, please comment.
I enjoy reading about new points on the blog but without a visual at hand, the information doesn’t really sink in. Goal for the week: leave one of MF's charts near the computer for quick reference while reading.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Anemia - Week 2

My second week started with a crisis caused by an activity I love but did not do much during the summer - and that is why I overdid it last week.  However, I learned a valuable lesson which I will end my post with. I figured it might be the last chance to be out on the lake this fall.  That weekend it was the kayak and the old and very heavy rowboat (family outing with R and Mowgli (the dog)- the row boat is perfect, unlike the canoe,  it does not capsize when Mowgli moves around too much - we learned the hard way, by the way at the beginning of the summer).
The L side of my neck and L shoulder were bothering me throughout the weekend.

the PA lake

Stress Relief – Week 2

Week 2 was all about slowing down although not for the reasons I’d expected or hoped. I was throwing up Friday night and woke up the next day with pain in my lower back. I can’t figure out what would have caused it except maybe a build up of lactic acid from the bike riding. The nausea subsided by Saturday morning but my back was out of commission through Monday. Since points for the lower back are already included in my daily protocols, I did not work any additional points to deal with the pain. I did take ibuprofen though. Despite the throwing up and back pain, the weekend was oddly relaxing. I don’t think I’ve ever spent as much time on my couch. It was strangely effective stress relief. I didn’t leave the apartment for 3 days and didn’t stress about meals or anything else. And my son had many unopened birthday presents to keep him entertained. I know with foot reflexology they talk about “healing crises” where your body has an adverse reaction to a session as it starts to rebalance itself. I thought of my weekend as a healing crisis and just kept hoping to maintain some of the ‘relief’ it brought.
We didn’t ride the bike at all during week 2 and I actually made it to work on time. I also looked into getting a new bike that would be easier and maybe faster to ride.
I tried a few different tools this week – my knuckles, a bobby pin, and a pen. The most effective, as Marie-France suggests, was the pen. I realized some of the issues I was having with awkward points during Week 1 were attributable to the tool I was using. It’s glass and slides easily; I didn’t have the same problem with the pen. But I experimented with working points according to Marie-France’s direction chart in the book anyway.
Point 124 on the left side of my face continued to be painful during the first half of Week 2. The pain diminished during the second half.
I now carry a print out of the frog on the face image. I am armed if any new ailments approach!
Goal for the week: continue with my second read through of Marie-France’s book.

Stiff Neck Week 2

This was a week of challenges and solutions, sometimes. Thought about whether the massage is affected by wearing contacts or my glasses. The glasses I have to keep removing or they fall and in the am I don't have contacts in, but have now started leaving them in for the pm massage.
I enjoy doing the toner in the am and relaxation at night. However, when reading some of the book I read that if you have high blood pressure ( I don't, but sometimes have borderline high) you shouldn't stimulate point 8. Of course, two of my massages for stiff neck use point 8. One night I decided to see what happens if point 8 is stimulated. My heart started racing and I could really feel it. Now it was at the end of the day and yes I do stim. point 8 during my stiff neck massages, but I held the point longer. Immediately I stimulated point 0 which is what Muller says to do if you over-stim. All was fine, but I'm a believer.
I also one night tried doing all my massages as one and saw/felt no difference.
If I don't respond right away to any comments its cuz I'm on the computer all day without internet, but I will try this week.
One other experiment: I keep trying to do the massages for hot flashes, but I really only get them now between 3 and 5 am. In order to do the massage I have to wake up (haven't memorized the points like I have HA) I did try one am cuz I was up with a HA. Still not sure about results. Wondered if I did it before bed if it would make a diff. Will try this week.
Hope I answered the questions .

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Self Improvement - Week 1

There are two new main driving forces in my life: my seven-month old son and a turn-of-the-century fixer upper house that we purchased in February. The baby needs constant care, attention, feedings, walks, playtime, comfort, and like all new mothers, I haven’t had a solid night’s sleep in more than 7 months. The house requires repair to every inch of it, head to toe, inside & out. For each job on the house numerous contractors need to be called in for estimates. When is there time to breathe? Stress. It can hurt you if it’s not well-managed. My husband injured his hand while unloading boxes from our storage facility & needed surgery to reconnect the nerves & tendons. We used to practice yoga but now neither of us has the opportunity to do so.

I came to this study with two main goals in mind: relieving stress and self-improvement.

Stress Relief – Week 1

Sorry I am blogging a day late, everyone. I was sick over the weekend and didn’t really get off the couch yesterday. I’ll detail my symptoms in next week’s blog.
Week 1 was exciting but exhausting. My son turned 2 so we had a birthday party and he started preschool. Instead of kissing him goodbye and walking out the door in the morning while he’s still in his pajamas, I now get him up and dressed and drop him off on my way to work. I decided to bike with him to school since he loves the bike and I’d love to be getting more exercise. The only problem is that my bike is old and really hard to ride and there’s a steady incline about half a mile into our 4-mile ride to school. And several times at this point in our ride, my son asked me to sing. But we rode to and from school every day last week. It was a nice change from the train but I was beat. There were many times when I felt I wasn’t so much applying pressure to points on my face as I was collapsing, face first, onto the tool I use.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Anemia - Week 1

I was looking forward to this study is the first line following the header in my beautiful red notebook, which I had bought several years ago and which I decided is the perfect tool to accompany the study.  Yes, I was looking forward to this formalized platform of exploration of Marie-Frances Muller's method based on Dien Cham and the exchange between the four of us.
  • How have you been feeling this week, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually? What could have been better?  
  • Did you experience any new pain or ailment - if yes, where? Did you use Dien Cham reflexes to alleviate it? If yes, how and did you notice changes? If no, how did you deal with it?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Stiff Neck - Week 1

Let's see-the first week began on a low note on all 4 counts: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Having been traveling for the best part of two weeks and then coming back to work for three days and traveling that weekend I felt unsettled to say the least. Like Catherine I have found it more productive to keep notes on each session. This way I can remember what I did, why I did it and if I tried any new points.
I've been reading the book by Marie-France Muller sporadically rather then front to back. I find it to be a good resource in that it's easy to understand and has loads of suggestions and info.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cervical Spine - helping a friend

My friend R has had cervical problems since he was a child - he is about 40 now; one day we met for lunch; he told me that he helped someone lift boxes; as a result he could barely move his neck and had pain running down his arms; last time this happened it lasted about 2 months; that was 2 years ago. R is in tune with his body - he is a yoga teacher.
My Selenite Stick

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Over Excited - Puppy Mowgli

Around the Christmas holidays, Mogwli (to read more about Mowgli use the  Search This Blog function) spent some time with a cousin.  I was told they got along wonderfully and played non-stop.  Some time later, his cousin moved to town and they started running into each other at the neighborhood dog run regularly; Mowgli was so excited about Buddy, that R, my partner, told me that Mowgli could not retract his private part one day during play with Buddy.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Introducing rescue Mowgli - basic protocol

Mowgli is a Lab/Rottweiler mix (lab-rotti). I have learned that animals get stressed just like humans although I think they are better in re-balancing naturally. The first week with Mowgli was trying; then he got it; he pooped - outside. Perhaps I was not aware of MFM's chapter on Dien Cham for animals then or perhaps I wast too stressed to remember; would this time have been less hellish if I had started working on him immediately?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Needles and Pins

This morning I decided to hit the computer before I was done with breakfast; I was sitting on a different chair - not the usual Balance Ball Chair but a stool with a somewhat uncomfortable seat. Nevertheless, I was very focused as I read an important email and looked at the attachments carefully. I remained in the same seated position for quite some time; having sat down quickly, I positioned my feet underneath the chair rather than a 90 degree angle to the calves as I usually do.
As I was done and getting ready to get up, I realized my right foot had fallen asleep (needles and pins);

Monday, September 13, 2010

Allergy Season: The First Sniffle

One day, I was showing my client the allergy (respiratory) protocol, namely, the zones only, not the individual points and marked it on a facial grid; it is so easy to remember it is just two areas - one above the eyebrows, the other one below the eyes on the cheeks (2 fairly thick bands) my client's area above the eyebrows remained red for some time, which showed me that this zone needed this work.
As soon as I got outside after we had wrapped up, a severe sniffle hit me - how ironic! 

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Guest Blogger

Hello, I'm guest-blogging today on "frog on the face" for B, the author of this blog and expert on all things involving reflexology:) B came to visit me for the day at my new house just outside NYC to introduce me to some of Marie-France Muller's techniques.

My main problem is that I'm very stressed out b/c my husband & I took on a new house & a new baby at the same time. Every baby book will tell you not to do this, but what choice did we have? The housing bubble has burst only recently in the NYC area & I had been searching for an affordable home for 7 years.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Face: Pretty Simple

So I’m only about 40 pages into the book but I thought I’d publish my first post. My first moment of intrigue came before I even opened the book, when I noticed Marie-France’s credentials on the cover. I wasn’t expecting to find an M.D., N.D. and PH.D. in clinical psychology writing a book about facial reflexology. Most surprising and encouraging was the M.D. -- I assume this means the same thing in France as it does in the US. Maybe this wouldn’t be as surprising in France but I wouldn’t expect it from an American doctor.
I’m finding that the many overlapping maps on the face are not as complicated as I thought they would be and that there really is a logic to them

Monday, April 19, 2010

Jet Lag - Traveling - Altered Eating Habits

Recently, I was in Europe for 13 days and just made it back to New York before the second eruption of the volcano in Iceland with the unpronounceable name starting with an E. While I had my book with me, I admit I did not open it once; traveling, visiting a country or city for the first time just occupied all the senses and seemingly almost every part of my brain and made me very forgetful about the routine I left behind. The plan was to explore the protocol for jet lag; instead I used the basic session (relaxation/tone up) every day and any time I felt a sniffle - how could I not - it is so easy - I did the appropriate protocol, which I also showed to my brother when he sneezed after hiking in the Alps during snow flurries.. he seemed somewhat curious - his wife joined in for the balancing done at the end.... it felt good, she said.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Smoking (Stopping) - Points 14/61

Yesterday, I instructed one of my clients on how to help herself to beat her smoking habit. Marie-France's protocol (p. 177) entails about 10 points; if that sounds like a lot, well remember, you only work on each point doing a dozen rubs or less in case you encounter a very tender area.
Knowing that it is not very easy for us Western minds to understand that we could enhance wellness by just working on some points on the body, I decided to mark only 2 points on a facial grid copy to be done whenever she is feeling tempted, or suffering withdrawal symptoms, in other words, to keep the homework to the bare minimum and thus make it irresistibly attractive and user friendly. I approach everybody depending on where I think they stand as that works for me as well; I presented the facial grid, then to further entice her (with the "layer cake" in mind - you will hear more about this next time), I cross referenced the points (as per Chapter 5: Correspondences, Effects, and Indications for Dien Cham Points; point 14 where earlobe meets the face area: page 201;), Warning: this point should not be stimulated in case of low blood pressure. This does not apply to my client; I read the main effects to her, such as, reduces blood pressure, anti-inflammatory, helps digestion (which is great since she reported that her appetite has increased), promotes salivation, relaxes... , I continued with the main indications, such as, stomach ache, indigestion and many more ... then I went on to point 61 in the nostril area: page 216 and read some of the main effects to her: produces endorphins, warms up body, reduces blood pressure, regulates muscular contraction (relaxes), anti-inflammatory, dissolves mucus, etc.; the main indications list, contains amongst others: abdominal pain, drug withdrawal symptoms, stomach ache, high blood pressure, eczema, Asthma, thumb pain, etc. in addition, Marie-France, gives detailed instructions on how to best work these points although just working them any way, would work...both my client and I were quite amazed reading these lists, nodding at times, and she thought I did a pretty good job enticing her to try out these points. I also was reminded that it is important to cross reference as there is valuable information in this Chapter 5, the most important being contraindications....

Monday, March 15, 2010

My Self Care Protocol

  • A few days ago, I designed my Self Care Protocol using the facial grid that is provided in the book copying four of them onto a 8X11 sheet and using a different color for every protocol; I had fun and it looks very pretty; the protocols for Relaxation and Tone Up are copied on the back of the sheet; together they form the Basic Session suggested for daily use: I included additional protocols.
  • My protocol entails the following: Relaxation/Toning Up (general) - i.e. Basic Session; Anemia; Fatigue (Chronic or General); Eyesight Troubles (general); (Beginning of a Cold ; I detected a sniffle - no wonder, with days of never ending rain and winds so strong that the Staten Island Ferry service was suspended on Saturday night and power outages throughout New York City - it is always good to have it handy or better yet to memorize it so you can do something immediately when that very first sniffle hits you).
This is what Marie-France says abut the The Beginning of a Cold: It is only necessary for you to be a little tired for a chill to penetrate. A while later the head cold starts with its usual first symptoms of a runny nose, itchy throat, and sneezing. You must boost your energy right away.
She also says this under Cold/Common: A Japanese saying has it that a cold that is neglected can open the doors to all kinds of sicknesses. Even if a cold usually leaves without a trace, we must remain alert to the possibility of complications, especially in children and older people, whose natural defenses are weaker. It is advisable to remember this and the fact that over hundred viruses come into play! So keep stimulating these pressure points...

  • The idea is to do the session twice a day, morning and evening with the minimum being the Basic Session, Anemia, Eyesight Troubles...
As a yogi I am also interested in Chakra Balancing. I added the points which run vertically along the center line of the face to one of the grids in a different color.
The sheet (inside a plastic protection sheet) is now mounted on the bathroom mirror; parts of the protocol I will do more often if necessary: in addition, I also took photos with my black berry so I have my protocol with me on the run and thus will not have to miss a session if out late or early and I can not do it at home...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Marie-France Muller - a widely published author

Marie-France Muller is the author of about 25 books.
Two of her books are published in the U.S. (by Inner Traditions).

Friday, March 12, 2010

Re-reading for the Blog

Originally I had inquired with Marie-France whether she was blogging. She laughed and said that she could barely manage her in box. She generally travels a lot and does workshops teaching the method to the general public and others; when I met her last fall, she had been away from home (France) for more than a month. She was tired. And when I first contacted her in 2008, she was planning to tour Australia and was on the road even longer. The Reflexology Association of Australia invited her.
One day the idea of creating "something like a fan club" came up out of the blue after a yoga class. I ran it by her - she was delighted - I let the idea sit for a while: The solution came to me just like the fan club idea: I was to blog about her book, to read it a second time and put my findings into writing and offer a platform for others to share.
Reading the book for the first time and recognizing its potential, I wrote a short summary and incorporated the method immediately, e.g. the Energy Giving Massage, and the Frog on the Face have been helpful on many occasions.

Short History - Facial Reflexology/Dien Cham

Facial Reflexology has long been known in China, Japan, and other Far Eastern countries; however, in the 1980s major developments took place in Vietnam, namely, Professor Bui Quoc Chau, together with a team of doctors, research scientists, and acupuncturists developed Facytherapy in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon). (Chapter I, Facial Reflexology - Marie-France Muller). Theory and Practice of Dien Cham to follow

Thursday, March 4, 2010

What is "the frog on the face"?

In Marie-France's book, there is a diagram of the entire body superimposed on the face; it's the image of a body in breast stroke motion when the legs are in diamond shape right before they are extended again. When my friend Dan saw it, he exclaimed "oh, a froggie". It made sense to me as Dan has a pet frog which he refers to as "froggie."
"Frog on the face" stuck with me. Once you see the image, it is very easy to remember and I love seeing people's reaction to it. That marked more or less the beginning of me educating about the method (based on Dien Cham, a Vietnamese form of Facial Reflexology, and further developed by Marie-France Muller during the course of her own practice). I showed it to Dan so he could work on areas in his body in case of tension. Knowing that image is the easiest way to locate a tense area anywhere in the body and work on it via the face. Twice a day is minimum for chronic issues but more often if needed is better. He had told me about a treatment he was coming from in detail. The practitioner incorporated holistic elements. You should also do some self-care, I said and pointed at the image.

Marie-France loves "frog on the face" as title for the blog - I was hesitant for just one split second but deep down I knew she had a great sense of humor based on our correspondence... so the blog has been officially been blessed by Marie-France Muller herself - voila - off to a good start.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

At the first sign of a sniffle...

Encountering the "frog on the face" - feeling smitten and energized

I had been curious about: Facial Reflexology - A Self Care Manual by Marie-France Muller, M.D., N.D., Ph.D. Immediately engrossed in it and somewhat in disbelief, I started rubbing on an area on my face that was connected to my neck and arms (as per the "frog on the face" image) following the instructions. There was an almost immediate shift in those areas; it was a somewhat magical moment. And it took less than a minute...I was smitten and energized.

(What had led up to this moment?: The air conditioner was blasting at Starbucks and I was without my essential garment, namely a shawl, ideally made from wool. It brought on a familiar pain in my neck, my right arm felt heavy. I must have hunched over the books and notebooks a bit as well, despite trying to pay attention to my posture (my inner yogi); I was in dire need of a break from my studies).

Here is the beginning and the link to the book:
Facial Reflexology A Self-Care Manual/Marie-France Muller
- translated from French to English by Ralph Doe; Illustrated by Rene Maurice Nault
Managing Your Own Health with Facial Reflexology
We are living in the strangest of times! In modern societies we try to teach our children to assume responsibilities for themselves and to manage their lives in the best possible way and we also try to stay masters of our lives and our choices. There is one area, however, where we do not retain control much of the time, and where officialdom intrudes increasingly... our health!