Thursday, March 23, 2017

Auction - Supporting P.S. 212 in Midtown

There is still a bit of time left to do some bidding on a private session with me in support of my friend's daughter's school in Hell's Kitchen.  
"One-hour private reflexology session to relax--combo facial and foot reflexology, fully clothed." (out of Columbus Circle area studio).  Here is a recent testimonial and there are many more on my website and on Facebook in case you have not had a session with me before.
"The reflexology with Birgit was different than I have had before.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Best wishes and namaste,

Birgit Nagele, ARCB, LVCY, TSY

This may help you to shift from fight/flight to more ease:
- Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth on a ha sound, and two more times, then return to natural breathing and observe...

- Reflexology(feet/hands/face/DIY/Dogs)
Yoga (Gentle Mat, LV Chair Yoga, TSY)
- Private Clients, Corporate, Events 
- EuNYCe (Educating about Reflexology locally, internationally)
- NYC-based 
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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Of Traum and Trauma, Integration and Integrative

Traum (Dream)
Vienna, Austria.  On a personal level, the recent visit to refugee camps in Vienna reconfirmed that I am on the right track regardless whether it is easy or not to actually provide service considering that I do not reside there; it feels right:  The service I have been offering during three trips since October 2015.  It is because of the many little encounters with displaced children, men and women in these camps.  Every human being deserves to live freely, to be themselves as a Honduran asylum seeker was quoted in my previous post (as seen on the Forced from Home website) as much as we all deserve clean water, fresh food, shelter, clothes, health care, education.  It all sounds very utopian given the current climate.

Traum vs. Trauma.  The German word Traum (as seen in the above photo taken in the hallway of a shelter leading to the cafe) means dream in English.  As far as the root of the word is concerned Traum does not seem to be

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Last Weekend, Early in the Morning, I called 311

Homeless in NYC
Last weekend, early in the morning, I called 311, then 911- as I got a bit impatient.  There was a pile of blankets and I could make out a body underneath on the sidewalk on Broadway, close to Apple Jack Diner.  Of course this is, unfortunately not unusual - wishful thinking - but the temperature that particular morning was below freezing in the 10s.

There were too many recordings (311) and then I numbed my phone by accident and initially did not know how to undo it.  
Anyway, I then decided to call 911 instead for all I knew the person underneath might be suffering from hypothermia, etc. and need an ambulance anyway.  

As I was making the phone call, 

I detected movement and then saw the homeless person's face.  I got a bit nervous thinking he might be angry at me for calling 911.  It is known that many homeless people often prefer streets to shelters; many also have mental challenges.  This was totally unfounded.  He (Ash as I found out) was very mellow.  He wished me a good morning.  I did so, too.  I asked him if he heard what I did.  He nodded.  I told him that cops may show up and that my intentions were good.  It was way too cold for him to be outside.  He nodded understandingly and said  he had to be gone by 10am anyway, when the store opens.  I bought hot coffee for him from the vendor on the corner who thanked me for doing this.  

It is easy to get numb as we rush about.  There are so many homeless people but for my own sake (selfishness can be a good motivator), too, I need to keep acknowledging them: a dollar, a banana, a bagel, some like petting Mowgli (who not too long ago grabbed a slice of pizza from the homeless lady, who thank god said she was done with it, and he could have it).  Ash also told me he preferred hot chocolate.  I have not been in that bloc for a few days but I will remember Ash.  Ash is only one of 60.000 homeless people.  I believe most of us know the homeless people in our neighborhood, the regulars: 

Saturday, March 4, 2017

“I Want to Live Freely. I Want to Be Myself”

Zuhause (At Home) as seen in Vienna 

“I Want to Live Freely. I Want to Be Myself,” A Honduran Asylum-Seeker (as seen on Forced from Home* Exhibit organized by Doctors Without Borders (MSF).

That more than sixty five million (65.000.000) people are currently displaced as per the above mentioned *Doctors Without Borders (MSF) exhibition last year is deeply shocking.  

Experiental.  The exhibit was at the Battery Park City Promenade in New York City, not far from Liberty Tower and with the Statue of Liberty in sight.  Next to huge docked private yachts, exhibit visitors could sit in an inflatable raft similar to those used by many who