Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mowgli - Wearing the "Elizabethean Collar"

The "Elizabethean Collar" as Royal calls it is not fun; neither for wearer, nor pet owner; the wearer (Mowgli) gets very irritated due to restricted view, movement and bumping into furniture and walls.  However, there was no way to avoid it; we would have risked an infection; we used it at night, when Mowgli was at home alone, or when we caught him licking the wound (the hot spot) which happened occasionally.  I, again doubled up on the Dien Cham  (Facial Reflexology) sessions to keep him as relaxed as possible.   I am also interested whether there are holistic solutions in forms of oils, such as tea tree oil, or perhaps chamomile oil (does it exist)?