Friday, June 19, 2015

Hiking with a Twisted Ankle

swollen left outer ankle
I stumbled on a rocky hike upstate during the Easter weekend.  It happened early on when we approached a lake.  Of course I visited the ankle reflex close to the corner of the mouth and on the hands the referral area (the outer wrist) and fortunately, there was no pain after the initial pain alleviated.  

While everyone was chatting away, I mostly kept to myself with the intention to watch literally every step and be with every breath I took so I would not stumble again and it paid off.  Despite this minor inconvenience, I enjoyed being on the trail. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mowgli's Crisis: Medical, Homeopathic Treatments, Lavender and Reflexology

herb-stuffed pillow for comfort
Mowgli was diagnosed with Lyme Disease a few weeks ago.

This is how we found out.  One morning he just did not get up despite the fact that he had gotten his dien cham (DC session (it is our morning ritual).  I kept calling him, but he just looked at me.  When I finally pulled him up, I realized he could not stand on the right foot.  Upon touching his ankle, he communicated very clearly that he was in a lot of pain.