Friday, April 11, 2014

Embracing the Polar Vortex - Getting Fresh Air and Sun

snowy walk
Many people I know were getting sick of the cold weather this winter very quickly.  And at this point I am ready for spring, too.

However, once I embraced the snow and cold weather (polar vortex), I really had a great time.  Layering, of course, was the key; I must have looked 10-20 pounds heavier, but my walk with Mowgli in the morning is very important, and one of my priorities was to not get sick during the winter.  I wanted to get fresh air AND sun and it was easiest to do this in the morning. 

10-Mile Walk Along the Hudson River after 2-Mile Walk Earlier that Day

Mowgli enjoying the sun; he was getting tired

The weather last Sunday was perfect for a long walk along the Hudson (from the 50s to Ground Zero; round trip: 10 miles).  I let myself be talked into it.  There were a lot of walkers, bicyclists, kids, and dogs.
We stopped very briefly several times to use the bathroom, chat with a friend/colleague we ran into, to give Mowgli some water, and to drop by a dog run.  At about mile 8, my left side started feeling off; foot, knee, hip, buttock. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dislocated Shoulder (Part 1) - Agony on Outer Limits

Outer Limits
We decided to take off for Vermont during the Winter Olympics and pictured ourselves watching Olympic coverage at night with the locals.  That did not happen.  NBC's coverage disappointed Vermonters just as much as us.  But never mind!  Primarily, we were there for two days of skiing, fresh Vermont air and change of pace.