Tuesday, January 8, 2013

YUM: Extensive Relaxation BEFORE the end of the Year.

Time for yoga plus I thought, in preparation for the Annual Polar Bear Plunge two days later.  The plus entailing going way beyond asanas, namely, using one of my singing bowls, dumbbells, a golf ball (for hand reflexology), my selenite (which will be regifted to a friend of mine but I will continue to use it until then) - on December 30 in the late afternoon.  In the end it was just yoga, some facial Reflexology, and smooching with Mowgli - oh, which by the way is not called cheating, it's called pet therapy ;-) - in between.  He was lazying about nearby on one of his couches after his afternoon walk to the dog run.  I felt very relaxed afterward, and I have absolutely no recollection of what else happened that evening which may mean that I was in for the night....