Thursday, April 26, 2012

What a Scare: Mowgli Ate Rat Poison

Mowgli and I in Central Park
 Mowgli was caught eating rat poison in the country.  Dogs are attracted to it just as rats are. Mowgli did not throw up despite the salt shoved into his mouth, which is what one should make the pet do - he was taken to the vet in the country immediately, who tried to make him throw up as well by putting pellets into his eyes; the key is to avoid allowing the poison to make its way into the animal's blood stream and depleting the body of vitamin K.  Back in the city our vet ordered Vitamin K after the blood test was positive (there was poison in his blood stream); the poison prevents the blood from clotting so the ingesting party can internally bleed to death - I found myself doing research on the internet and missed a workshop I was signed up for - I was a bit panicky for a few hours after finding out but then, I  made sure I did not miss one day of doing Dien Cham on Mowgli - the protocol I use entails general equilibrium, relaxation/calming, revitalization, liver, kidney reflexes, as well as psychological balance