Thursday, December 20, 2012

Age is really just a number - Will You Marry Me...

With Kyoko Jasper

With Master Sugimoto Rendo
Self Care, friends!  That is the reason why I started this blog, I wanted to home study Marie-France Muller's method, because it can be done in minutes, can be used every day and it can easily be taught to clients for self care.  And it is done on the face!  

As I was blogging along - when Meg G. and I started the study - we realized that we needed to add other self care we did as well.  
Thus, you read about yoga, breathwork, all kinds of workshops I attend etc.  
It is important to hire someone for body work on a regular basis to keep strong - please, continue to hire holistic practitioners as needed including myself.  However, we also need to take charge and do self care on a daily basis!  I recently was in a work shop organized by my buddy, yogini extraordinaire, Kyoko Jasper with Master Rendo (based in Japan).  He closed the workshop by saying to use your hands on your body.  Let's listen to him!  I could not agree more!