Monday, July 23, 2012

My strategy worked well on Mowgli's paw!

tumor-like growth on Mowgli's paw
Mowgli during a recent  early morning walk
 A few weeks after the rat poison scare, we noticed that Mowgli kept licking his right paw; there was some growth, a tumor?!  Our vet did not seem to worry but gave us some ointment to use twice a day.  My strategy worked really well, namely, to use it right before his walks; that way he would be distracted and by the time we came back from the walk an hour later he would not remember because hopefully the ointment would have alleviated the itching.  In addition he received his usual Dien Cham treatment even before I used the ointment.  He seemed to get better immediately and there is no trace left of the growth which was the size of the eraser on the back of a pencil.  I do think the timing of the application made a big difference. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Grabbing Surgeon's Arm; MD/Reflexologist Jesus Manzanares Method

Thank God: Unused Antibiotics
Arriving in Boston
Waking up with the rising sun..
I finally decided to undergo oral surgery, namely the extraction of tooth 17 in the very back of the lower left; the decision was made rather spontaneously.   I liked one of the options offered by the oral surgeon I was referred to; previous alternatives just sounded too daunting so I had been postponing a decision.  My initial intention was to save this tooth at all costs but taking the big picture into consideration and what the surgeon suggested made a lot of sense thus I reconsidered, and opted to sacrifice the tooth to improve overall dental function.  

While I was sitting in the chair waiting for the surgeon to begin, I did the usual DC Basic Session and some hand reflexology*, in addition to tuning into my breath to be more relaxed.  I even did a light forward bend - the dentist's chair was inviting me to do so:-)  As usual I wanted to go easy on the anesthesia and being as balanced, as relaxed as possible would support this.