Monday, January 16, 2012

End of 2011 Symptoms followed by HEALTHY, FRIGID PLUNGE in 2012!

Post-Polar Bear Plunge Glow Coney Island
Belatedly: Happy New Year!  Happy 2012!
Well, I had no choice but to prepare myself well for the Plunge on New Year's Day!  Through the greater part of December "I just did not feel quite right," it was either chest and/or throat tightness and/or I was beginning to suspect that I was developing chronic heartburn, not that I knew exactly what it was supposed to feel like, but I do sometimes eat dinner rather late - although my diet is pretty healthy.  Two friends mentioned suffering from heartburn in the recent past and were doing something about it; one of the keys seemed to not eat late at night which I do try to avoid, but sometimes it does happen.   
In addition, on December 26 I had some stomach cramping, it did not last very long, but after thinking that it was caused by something I ate I started suspecting that it was a mild virus instead (a friend had the same symptoms); cramps lasted up to two minutes and continued for two to three days in intervals of 5-6 hours, fortunately, my sleep was not affected.  Either way, I could not help but be feel confused about so much going on in my body at the same time.  I took some deep breaths and decided to let go of trying to figure out "the whats and whys" and decided instead to leaf through the book.  I was going to undo this, I smiled having regained some confidence.  I wanted to be healthy for my New Year's Plunge, I wanted to turn this around this year not next year!  If symptoms did not change, I feared it would not be smart to go into the water and I would miss out on this crazy, crazy, sexy, uplifting, tradition.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Wooden Frog on the 2011 Christmas Tree

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