Thursday, September 10, 2015

Keeping Cool during Record Heat of 2015/1: Paddle Board Yoga with Mowgli

A few weeks ago I used a paddle board for the first time.  The board was relatively wide.  I really just wanted to paddle around a bit on a very hot day and then do some swimming, but I did not get off for the next three hours, keeping myself busy with yoga poses; I even did the shoulder stand, crow and knees to ears.  And look at Mowgli!  He joined me without hesitation!  He is used to being in canoes and he also loves to swim.  Next time, I'll try my chi-gong routine.  If you ever have a chance, try it.  It's very addictive.   

Sincerely Yours,

Keeping Cool during Record Heat of 2015/2: Chilled Jade Rollers; Cooling Foot Baths, etc.

Using jade rollers; what a lovely discovery!
A fun way to cool off (we only use air conditioning in one room) was using "chilled" jade rollers on the face; Mowgli and I both loved it.  

I also did it on my friend K in combination with facial reflexology.  He liked it as well and referred to the experience as "trippy."  

R, however, did not like it;  I also suggested it to another friend of mine who did not like the idea. I guess it is not everybody's cup of tea. I suppose one could also warm them. Note to myself: explore once it gets colder.

In addition, I used cool water with a few drops of lavender or other essential oils in a bucket to cool off through the feet.  It seemed to keep me cool all night. 

The refreshing waters of Raymondskills Waterfalls in the Poconos Mountains in Pennsylvania were a delight to stand in last weekend.

Sitali is cooling as far as pranayama is concerned; a few breaths can make a huge difference.

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Can't Read the Subtitles, Try Eye Asanas and Reflexology!

My platform flip flops made  great yoga props
AIDA collage with my feet on left  
Can eye exercises improve eye sight in the long run? 

During the "Aida" screening on Labor Day at the Lincoln Center Plaza, I embarked on an experiment.  We were sitting far in the back behind the chairs on the ground; we had let our friends have the only two chairs we found close to the screen. 
I could hardly read the subtitles, however, so after getting bored of my 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Empire State Sunset - Inspired by "Endangered Species" Projections

It was so much fun to stop on my way home from the Open Center a few weeks ago and crouch, squat, and stretch (it's important) and look for ways to project the lovely flowers unto the naturally lit Empire State Building (being creative is important).  I think I was inspired (I get inspired very easily) by the recent "Endangered Animals" projection which I missed but saw photos of.  NYC sunsets are so beautiful and always result in me feeling peaceful and appreciative which are very important ingredients for overall health.  That said, I missed today's sunset because I was working on this blog.       

Sincerely Yours,