Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Kripalu: Guiding Gently, Suggesting, or Perhaps just Listening et al.

Time to finish this post about Kripalu (June 1 to 6); it will help me finish "processing" my stay. 
Speaking of processing ("digesting"), this time around at Kripalu (as faculty assistant) working with Lakshmi Voelker, Tracey Eccleston and fellow chair yoginis, Grace, Wendy, and Kathleen certifying new LVCYTs, my digestion was working extremely well from day two on; day one was just a bit off.  During the last day (day 5), I think I went to the bathroom three times before lunch.  I was thinking to myself that I had to go for every bowl of food I ate ;-)(some of the LVCYTT team agreed laughingly that we were overeating at every meal).  At times I indeed ate three bowls of food per meal (not full though).
So grateful to teach the 4 Essential Hand Reflexes
I designed for the TT Manual: a highlight