Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Pictorial: Visiting Chinatown and MoMA during Lunar Year of the Horse Celebrations

Visiting MoMA the day of the New Lunar Year celebrations..the atrium felt like an art lounge with couch-like furniture to sit on and take in the monumental video installations (
A Crescent Moon greeted me coming out of the subway station over Canal Street the next day- life is perfect so often, isn't
it?  I felt it was perfect that moment.  If I had planned to see the moon over Chinatown, I probably would not have seen it.

From Seated Mountain to Being Happier; From 2014 Corporate Yoga to 1994 St. Mark's Place

I was teaching a noon LV Chair Yoga Class at a marketing firm downtown, corporate yoga.  That morning, I had time to prepare myself really well; after walking Mowgli, I did my qi gong practice and on the subway I did some "internal chanting", and "dental flossed the chakras via the bija sounds" (more about this at some later point), and did some pranayama with visualization; I felt grounded.  

The HR contact told me that many of those signed up may not show up because it was so cold and employees chose to work out of their homes.  So despite the fact that half of those (10) who were signed up did not show up it was a great class.  I had plenty of time to set up the room and use the bathroom.
Post-class raffle drawing...