Monday, September 24, 2012

Runners' Feet Love DESSERTS: Women's Health Magazine Loves Reflexology

Self Care on the run: Walking through quiet Hells Kitchen (Clinton), I decided to do some chakra balancing by using the biya sounds on my way to Pier 84 at 6am on a recent Sunday; preparing myself for a Reflexology event for runners. Chakra balancing has become one of my self care staples, hey I get to use my singing voice

bija sounds for chakra balancing on the right 
Despite only four+ hours of sleep, I was feeling pretty good.  More grounding, however, could not hurt, never does!  I could even blast the bijas - the young clubbers leaving after hours clubs on the Far West Side coming toward me I was sure would not mind or perhaps not even notice.  I love early mornings!  I added a Root Chakra chant.

Stress leading up to event: I was relieved - my arm and wrist had felt off the day before.  Too many challenges related to my computer had followed troubles with our cable signal that lasted nearly three weeks.  Trying to save my fried (the fan was broken) "vintage" MacBook entailed a couple of bike rides along always busy 9th Avenue, and always very congested 8th Avenue. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Of Golf Balls, Family/Pets, Patience and Humor

Since we are talking about humor.......
My Mom's dog was not doing well a while ago; she is twelve years old.  Flora had fluid in her lungs, and was on heart medication, my mother understandably was very upset; I talked my mom across the Atlantic Ocean through some Dien Cham for Flora on the phone; I kept the instructions simple and had her repeat them back to me and give Flora a session while we were on the phone.