Friday, March 4, 2011

Anemia - Week 19: stress due to project

During Week 19, I used Dien Cham less regularly than I had been.  There was a bit of stress due to a special project I had been working on.  The basic session, the energy giving massage, the chakra balancing protocol are practically ingrained in my system now and I do them every day regardless of what is going on.  I also worked neck, arm, and head reflexes as needed in case of tension; I also worked a point on R. occasionally.   

Anemia - Week 18: old neck pain

I am finally getting a chance to post the week 18 entry which had been sitting in the draft folder.  
Last week I decided to do the head stand. There had been no pain for a few weeks which I attributed to not practicing the head stand at all.  In the past I had been doing it every once in a while.  Was I ready to reintroduce it slowly?  I set up thoroughly, went up slowly, stayed up for a little while then came down very slowly. All seemed fine just as it did in the past but then that "old pain" returned.  I dealt with the pain by using the neck-points and zones I had used before. The pain was on the L occiput and was accompanied by head tension - it was not as bad as it had been in the past but it was not easy to alleviate it. It was on and off.  Here is a link to the Mayo Clinic's website on the causes of neck pain: 

Ankle Pain - is ankle pain contagious:-)?

On Sunday R asked for help. His run was interrupted by his L ankle acting up. He was limping home in the cold wearing his sweaty-damp clothes. - How strange!  I had an ankle-related problem last week - (see previous blog post)- I had him get comfortable on the couch to and I covered him; naturally he was cold, he put a cold pack on his ankle. I did the relaxation protocol followed by ankle reflexes, ankle point 127 and ankle point 461; while I was working on him, I kept telling him to focus on his breath; he made faces in the beginning like always - it's pretty funny but sometimes I get impatient I confess. Point 0 Zone seems to be sensitive always: I added pain relief points 26, 124, 34, 61, 39, 61, 39, 41, 40, 3, 0, 14, 16, and then did the L ankle reflex again on the chin. He seemed to feel much better. He said something to the effect that he will never say anything bad about Reflexology again.   
He insisted on having dinner at a restaurant around the corner whereas I suggested we stay at home so he can rest and take it easy; he grabbed his yellow cane and off we went; at the restaurant he elevated his leg; the next morning I checked in with him - he is not limping but says his range of motion is a little off - he is not very descriptive in general when asked how he feels, so we will see, but I am glad he asked for help yesterday. Hopefully he'll come back for more or do some ankle points himself.