Monday, March 9, 2015

IN MEMORIAM EVA - YCT Client, YCT Volunteer and Artist

The collage; Mowgli in the background
Eva (fictional name) was a YCT volunteer, YCT client, and artist .

We became friendly the first time we met.  I went to one of her openings and was in one of her workshops. 
She was a visual artist and writer.  All of us had such a good time working on our collages.  Eva liked my piece and said I had to frame it.  She said it more than once.  I still have not done it, but I will.  She set the date for a second work shop, then there was an email from her.  She had to cancel but did not offer an explanation which I thought was unusual.  I asked why she canceled.  She had received another cancer diagnosis and was to start treatments shortly.