Monday, December 21, 2015

The Best Hand Reflexology Session Ever!

I volunteered at Kinderfreunde at Vienna Westbahnhof for two days at the beginning of October. 

There I met Sidra, Mazen, and Mohammad, they helped me communicate with my Syrian, Afghan and Iraqi clients.  All three were refugees themselves and were volunteering.  It was such a pleasure to get to know them a bit during the two days.

My clients were families who were waiting to continue their journey to Germany or other Western European countries. 
At the parking garage turned day care center, they could eat, use computers, take naps, children had a chance to play.

Despite the very sad circumstances, there were plenty of smiles and lots of bonding if only for a little while until they continued their journey.

The help of my three charming translators was very much appreciated.  Their presence alone broke the ice.  It became a long day, because I did not take breaks.  I worked one-on-one providing Hand Reflexology sessions and was often surrounded by family members.

And just when I realized that I was getting thirsty, Mazen brought me a bottle of water, and when I realized that I was getting hungry, Sidra brought me some chocolate.
By the way, Mazen and Sidra were 10 and 11 years old.  I assumed that they were siblings, but they were not.  At times, when no one was waiting, they ran off to get me a client and it was quite a sight to see them coming towards me dragging someone behind them whom they had talked into getting a session with me; I had no idea what they were saying to them.   

In between sessions, I insisted on giving my young helpers a session.  They thought it was cool.     

Then Sidra decided it was turn to give me a session at the end of the day.  I agreed, how could I not?  By then I knew already that one just did not mess with that little lady; she was not just sweet, she was also fierce.  I had seen her telling her brother that he had to get a session as well, he was volunteering as well.  After trying to brush her off, he gave in.  

Well the session I received from Sidra was unfortunately very short; it lasted about two minutes, but Sidra remembered some of the techniques and her touch was a delight.  Without a doubt, it was the best session I ever received.  Thank you, Sidra.  Thank you, Mazen.  Thank you, Mohammad.  Thank you, Yucko S. for inviting me. 

Sincerely Yours,

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