Monday, November 1, 2010

Stiff Neck Week 2

This was a week of challenges and solutions, sometimes. Thought about whether the massage is affected by wearing contacts or my glasses. The glasses I have to keep removing or they fall and in the am I don't have contacts in, but have now started leaving them in for the pm massage.
I enjoy doing the toner in the am and relaxation at night. However, when reading some of the book I read that if you have high blood pressure ( I don't, but sometimes have borderline high) you shouldn't stimulate point 8. Of course, two of my massages for stiff neck use point 8. One night I decided to see what happens if point 8 is stimulated. My heart started racing and I could really feel it. Now it was at the end of the day and yes I do stim. point 8 during my stiff neck massages, but I held the point longer. Immediately I stimulated point 0 which is what Muller says to do if you over-stim. All was fine, but I'm a believer.
I also one night tried doing all my massages as one and saw/felt no difference.
If I don't respond right away to any comments its cuz I'm on the computer all day without internet, but I will try this week.
One other experiment: I keep trying to do the massages for hot flashes, but I really only get them now between 3 and 5 am. In order to do the massage I have to wake up (haven't memorized the points like I have HA) I did try one am cuz I was up with a HA. Still not sure about results. Wondered if I did it before bed if it would make a diff. Will try this week.
Hope I answered the questions .


"Facial Reflexology A Self Care Manual" Explorer said...

Thanks for covering the high blood pressure issue, Rudy. I had no idea you were borderline at times. You did the right thing by working 0 and I am glad it worked. I think we may not have to believe but we at least have to be open and receptive. I wear glasses/contacts as well. I practice with and without them. MFM says to always work the O zone in case something feels off. Have you thought of adding high blood pressure points to your protocol on a regular basis and see what happens?

MG said...

Hi Mom, Are you sure it wasn’t point 1 that raised your blood pressure? I think point 8 is actually supposed to lower it. I see that both points are in your combined protocols.

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