Monday, November 22, 2010

Stiff Neck- Week 5

Well, first of all, thank you MG!! No problems with blogging!
Thank you BN--L point 195 helped get rid of the finger inf. although now I still need to get rid of the bump. Someone suggested bloodroot and looking on line I might try it. Seems better than surgery to remove this mucous cyst.
This week started with a few days of pain in my neck (figuratively and physically)! I scheduled a massage and JB worked out a lot of the muscular stuff, but also helped with the stress that is adding to the pain. wed. i added the lumbar vertebrae points to my program which gives me 3 for the neck and shoulder region and this seems to be helping a lot.
I enjoy the time that I practice the facial refl. massage and now I've been adding little things to my routine which also help. I' haven't often used a mirror, but now I've been checking the point locations in the mirror and in the book. I also vary the blunt end and the pointed end of my refl. instrument. I have noticed that I've memorized a lot of the points--not on purpose, but this does help because I can then remove my glasses and its more relaxing.
I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Safe traveling and thank you BN and MG for introducing me to MFM!!!


"Facial Reflexology A Self Care Manual" Explorer said...

And many thanks to you for participating.
Are you continuing to work Point 195 just to see if it has an impact on the size of the cyst? And did you find out what caused the cyst?
I am glad you enjoy your practice. I agree it is much more relaxing to not have to use a mirror. Happy Thanksgiving. - BN

MG said...

I looked online (at the link below) and found that mucous cysts on the fingers can be associated with osteoarthritis? Do you suffer from OA? I wonder if the “Arthrosis of the Hands and Fingers” on page 75 could help?

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