Monday, December 20, 2010

Stress Relief – Week 9

I’ve had a cold and sore throat since last Wednesday. I was lying in bed Wednesday night when I decided to try Dien Cham via the frog on the face. I found that the area above my eyebrow on the right side of my face (I think this would be the point 34 zone) was numb at least on the surface. The right side of my nose/face was congested. As I applied pressure to the area above my eyebrow I felt an immediate draining in the sinuses around my nose. So I continued. I looked just now and found that point 34 does in fact correspond to the sinuses. I worked the area until the numbness subsided which may have been too long. I may have been overzealous, applying too much pressure since I was getting results and since the area had initially felt numb. Later in the night, I thought my head was going to explode. I had a lot of pain and pressure in my head. I felt much better in the morning once I took a hot shower though. The runny nose and sore throat continued through the weekend but I haven’t had much congestion since Wednesday night.
My Mom worked on me last Sunday night. She did the basic session and my four protocols with her own tool instead of mine. Her tool is so much finer! She uses the writing end of a pen with no ink in it. It was a much different sensation. When she hit point 1 on the bridge of my nose it felt like a point on the nose was being hit. When I hit point 1 with my tool that’s about a quarter of an inch in diameter, it applies broad enough pressure to clear my nasal passageways. I don’t know that one is better than the other, just different. My Mom worked the point 0 zone in a downward direction since I was on my way to bed. Previously I had always worked the point 0 zone up and down. Now I work it upward if I need energy, downward if I am winding down. I am planning to reciprocate my Mom’s session, maybe over the Christmas holiday.
I did the Standard Session on myself (my goal from last week) over the weekend and will report my findings in next week’s blog.


"Facial Reflexology A Self Care Manual" Explorer said...

I am a little envious that Rudi had a chance to work on you but thanks for sharing the results - let's have a Dien Cham get together soon.
I have been wondering about how different it would be to use a pen, but aside from the occasional attempt - I am too fond of my selenite stick - I have been shying away from it. As for the 0 Point Zone same thing, I have been exploring the direction very little but will pay more attention to it thanks for brining that up - what are your respective findings, M/Rudi - M, did you try to alleviate the terrible headache?

MG said...

I didn't think to try to relieve the headache. I was falling in and out of sleep and just kept trying to fall back in. I've probably noticed a slight refreshing feeling when working point 0 in the upward direction and a slight calming feeling in the opposite direction. Nothing drastic though.
We will definitely have to swap sessions soon!

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