Monday, October 25, 2010

Anemia - Week 1

I was looking forward to this study is the first line following the header in my beautiful red notebook, which I had bought several years ago and which I decided is the perfect tool to accompany the study.  Yes, I was looking forward to this formalized platform of exploration of Marie-Frances Muller's method based on Dien Cham and the exchange between the four of us.
  • How have you been feeling this week, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually? What could have been better?  
  • Did you experience any new pain or ailment - if yes, where? Did you use Dien Cham reflexes to alleviate it? If yes, how and did you notice changes? If no, how did you deal with it?
Last week was  a little bit hectic, a job out of town, studying for a test, the usual, and the feeling that having a bit more energy could have been helpful.  

I did my protocol (Basic Session, Anemia, and others)  twice a day, morning and night (sometimes before getting up and at times when in bed already).

selenite stick
I experimented with tools (e.g. a chopstick, the back side of a pen which turned out to be a bit rough, however and is therefore not suitable) but kept returning to my fingertips and the flexed index finger (proximal interphalangeal joints) as well as my selenite stick which conveniently has a pointy and a rounded end. 
After all sessions I felt a subtle or more pronounced shift, and if there was time, I just enjoyed with closed eyes and a few deep breaths for a moment.The sensations seemed to cause an opening of my face and my mind seemed more settled.  In addition and as the day went on and the need arose, I worked the neck (cervical disorder), shoulder, reflexes as needed based on the "frog on the face" image.
I did chakra balancing several times adding the mantras (which I highly recommend).   
I have been doing the beginning of a cold protocol upon detecting the slightest sniffle and I have become very good at detecting one now - what would have gone unregistered in the past, is worked on now to keep colds at bay.  This should be helpful this fall as the temperature keeps jumping and it is difficult to dress right at all times...
To locate point 60 I had to consult the side view of the face grid (page 26, fig. 2.2.b).  After doing the session 2-3 times with the grid posted on the big mirror in the bathroom, I remembered the sequence which was helpful when I left town without the grid.  The points around the checks seemed most sensitive and still are so I read about them in Chapter 5. 

Taking the kick off of the Dien Cham study into consideration- I had planned to do a more thorough study on anemia, my main target goal for the time being.  
As per Marie-France Muller (MFM) this disorder of the blood-which shows up as a deficit or small size of the red blood cells, giving a low rate of hemoglobin-is generally linked to a lack of iron.  It provokes a whole series of troubles, including chronic tiredness, reduced resistance, paleness, irritability, dizziness, even palpitations, headaches, stomach aches, and itching over the entire body.  Remember to monitor your food intake and enrich it with iron and also vitamins C and B. 

I may have known this before but I started paying attention to this only about 3 years ago when I noticed a change in my body (a chest cold that seemed to last forever, itching, headaches more often.)  Mine does not seem to be a severe case of anemia, some of the above symptoms apply to me at times, most of all (somewhat) lack of energy when I feel I should have more (after plenty of sleep, etc.)...So far I have only been focusing on the symptoms using mostly the energy giving massage, and I always eat greens, and I started adding an occasional egg to my diet, but now I am approaching the root of the problem!  In addition I realized that all the wrinkle protocol points happen to be part of my protocol, I like that!


MG said...

Thanks for the photo of the selenite stick, B. I'm intrigued by your developing ability to detect the first signs of a sniffle. Can you say more about what you're noticing now that would have gone undetected before? And how Dien Cham is helping?
You write that, "The points around the checks seemed most sensitive and still are so I read about them in Chapter 5." What did you find?

bn said...

In the past a sniffle was something I may have barely noticed; now aware that it most likely will get worse, I do the protocol as soon as I have a stuffy nose, a sniffle or sneeze...and I see results.
As for Chapter 5, it never fails to amuse me how many indications and effects are associated with one single point.... try it, chances are that more than one item will apply to you, M...

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