Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stiff Neck - Week 3

Yes, I am late, but I am a volunteer....
Week 3 has been interesting. Throughout our sessions I have been very consistent about always massaging the points for stiff neck and fairly consistent with HA and right knee. I have changed utensils, used forehead tapping and started and ended with point O. This week I experimented with more on hot flashes. M-F M says one should stimulate hot flash points every day (which makes me think some of the massage response is cumulative where as some hits the immediate pain.) Well, Tuesday night 11/02 I had the Best Sleep Ever!! Didn't get up through the night, no hot flashes and no stiff neck. Haven't been able to figure out how to duplicate it, but since Tues. my stress level has increased considerably.
Overall, I feel like I'm calmer and my neck is much less stiff. Sat. night into Sunday morning I had a migraine at Meg's house. I did try to use the points, but was very conflicted because I wanted to be playing with my Grandson.
Ending with this in a whisper: I have had no pain in my right knee!! It's only fair to mention that I have a routine that I have also been faithful too, so not all the redit can be given to Facial Reflexology.


"Facial Reflexology A Self Care Manual" Explorer said...

Hi Rudi, it seems like you had fun improvising last week; hopefully your stress level is lower by now. Glad to hear that your neck has been much less stiff. I am curious to hear more about your "knee routine", would you mind telling us more about it? - BN

MG said...

Please let me know if you do figure out how to duplicate the BEST SLEEP EVER. That sounds wonderful! Thank you for responding to the questions I raised in my comment on B's Anemia - Week 3 post. Perhaps effort is never wasted when we practice.

"Facial Reflexology A Self Care Manual" Explorer said...

Effort is never wasted when we practice-thank you for the motivation. Respectively, my first acupuncture sessions come to mind: I was hoping to alleviate carpal tunnel -like symptoms - well, of course, that took a while including undoing some bad habits like swinging a bag over my shoulder every morning - however, it almost over night erased dandruff which I had had for a few weeks and which I did not even mention to the acupuncturist because I thought it was sort of trivial compared to Carpal Tunnel and the fear that I might need surgery... BN

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