Monday, November 1, 2010

Stress Relief – Week 2

Week 2 was all about slowing down although not for the reasons I’d expected or hoped. I was throwing up Friday night and woke up the next day with pain in my lower back. I can’t figure out what would have caused it except maybe a build up of lactic acid from the bike riding. The nausea subsided by Saturday morning but my back was out of commission through Monday. Since points for the lower back are already included in my daily protocols, I did not work any additional points to deal with the pain. I did take ibuprofen though. Despite the throwing up and back pain, the weekend was oddly relaxing. I don’t think I’ve ever spent as much time on my couch. It was strangely effective stress relief. I didn’t leave the apartment for 3 days and didn’t stress about meals or anything else. And my son had many unopened birthday presents to keep him entertained. I know with foot reflexology they talk about “healing crises” where your body has an adverse reaction to a session as it starts to rebalance itself. I thought of my weekend as a healing crisis and just kept hoping to maintain some of the ‘relief’ it brought.
We didn’t ride the bike at all during week 2 and I actually made it to work on time. I also looked into getting a new bike that would be easier and maybe faster to ride.
I tried a few different tools this week – my knuckles, a bobby pin, and a pen. The most effective, as Marie-France suggests, was the pen. I realized some of the issues I was having with awkward points during Week 1 were attributable to the tool I was using. It’s glass and slides easily; I didn’t have the same problem with the pen. But I experimented with working points according to Marie-France’s direction chart in the book anyway.
Point 124 on the left side of my face continued to be painful during the first half of Week 2. The pain diminished during the second half.
I now carry a print out of the frog on the face image. I am armed if any new ailments approach!
Goal for the week: continue with my second read through of Marie-France’s book.


"Facial Reflexology A Self Care Manual" Explorer said...

Hi M, - oops I deleted the original comment - glad to hear that all in all that weekend was relaxing; thank you for explaining healing crisis - please let me know if you find something on this topic in the book. Thanks for the feedback regarding using a pen; this is on my list of things to do. As for the "frog on the face". I will try to get a photo of the frog (gie) that inspired the term of the image as well as the blog. Have fun reading, BN

MG said...

Hi B. I’m not finding any specific mention of a healing crisis in Marie-France’s book. There is, however, a comparison of the face to a neglected indoor plant. Marie-France says that just as you would not add a ton of water and fertilizer to a dry plant, you don’t want to begin practicing with a lot of pressure or a lack of care. This analogy doesn’t exactly describe a healing crisis but seems comparable as both point out the relevance of the recipient’s starting condition to their receptivity to treatment.
Perhaps I was a dry houseplant, a dry houseplant riding a bike while singing.

"Facial Reflexology A Self Care Manual" Explorer said...

I like the image of the dry houseplant. So there was M, the dry houseplant riding the bike singing to her son...

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