Monday, November 29, 2010

Stiff Neck - Week 6

I have experimented many times this week. Mostly trying different point sequences for different ailments. I did my regular sequences, but tried others.
Just read several other blogs and the articles about reflexology-thank you-very informative and fun to read.
MG commented on practicing on her sister which I did also. she said she was more relaxed after the sessions.
I also had brought my book to a massage session which led to a lively conversation about reflexology, frog on the face, and how truly intertwined the human body is. We also talked about how many people do not recognize the amazing healing power the human body has.
Just for the record--I am not writing as much, but I am practicing for longer periods of time because I'm fascinated with the results. One place I've been trying to practice is at work. I've started using the sequence for relaxation and MFM says to practice all the female hormonal points every day for hotflashes--will let you know about results.


"Facial Reflexology A Self Care Manual" Explorer said...

Hi Rudi, I noticed a draft of this post on Monday, but did not think you actually published it until now: so I was just about to check in with you and M, and there it is..oh well: you are truly having fun with this, aren't you? I am so happy to hear that. Also thanks for reading additional posts. I agree with you in that most people do not understand the innate healing capacity we have at all, although we experience it all the time in small ways (cut's, wounds, etc.) -good luck with your hot flash protocol - BN

MG said...

Thank you for sharing your week with us, M/R! I thought I might mention that the massage therapist in Rudi’s post is the same person who sensed a deficiency in my spleen “chakra” (not sure what you would call it) during a massage with Reiki. B, this is also the person who I had thought about including in the study but never got around to calling. It looks like she’s found a way to join!
I look forward to hearing about your results with the hot flashes. Thanks, M/R!

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