Friday, May 21, 2010

The Face: Pretty Simple

So I’m only about 40 pages into the book but I thought I’d publish my first post. My first moment of intrigue came before I even opened the book, when I noticed Marie-France’s credentials on the cover. I wasn’t expecting to find an M.D., N.D. and PH.D. in clinical psychology writing a book about facial reflexology. Most surprising and encouraging was the M.D. -- I assume this means the same thing in France as it does in the US. Maybe this wouldn’t be as surprising in France but I wouldn’t expect it from an American doctor.
I’m finding that the many overlapping maps on the face are not as complicated as I thought they would be and that there really is a logic to them
that lends itself well to finding and remembering the reflex points. I found it particularly interesting that the ending of a crease on the face generally corresponds to a joint in the body.
I expect to have more to say as I read on but before I end, I want to mention my first energy massage. I tried it last Sunday when I realized I wasn’t going to be able to squeeze in a much needed nap before a friend came over. I was lying on the couch and figured why not try it. I didn’t have the book in front of me so I was working from memory of the demonstration Birgit had given me a few days before. I started using my finger tips, making one or two laps around my face and then decided to use the knuckles of my pointed fingers instead. I was really tired and was really shocked when I got energized by just a few circles with my knuckles. And I wouldn’t say the results were mild. I got a significant boost of energy in a pretty short period of time that lasted for a while. I didn’t notice when it subsided. I know it is recommended to do the energy massage several times during the day but this has been the only time I tried it and not for lack of effectiveness. I guess I’m reluctant to accept that something so simple can have a powerful effect!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for contributing: I hope to read more from you soon - since I can not figure out (thus the delay) how to comment on my own blog (!), I will do so anonymously....

Anonymous said...

After reading your comment, I went to the bathroom and decided to do the energy giving massage in front of the mirror; I am rather pale by nature (slightly anemic) and I had been sitting at the computer for a couple of hours; the work on the face refreshed my face, changed it's color to a more lively hue; the results spread into the body: I felt ready to continue work.. I like your creative approach; what would the author say? - B.

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