Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Re Cold: Herb Pack and Savasana, Herb Pack as Pillow

herb pack for shoulders ...
...the same pack used on chest at night

Tools included in my self care/wellness kit are three herb packs I bought a couple of years ago at one of NYC's holiday markets.  During the worst of my cold covered in my previous post, I used one of them designed to be worn like a collar to soothe shoulder tension.  Alone the fact that it smelled good made me happy.  It was draped over my chest after heating it in the microwave (for 90 seconds, flipping it over midway) to keep the chest area warm, to help the area to open, then I fell asleep.  Four hours later at 4:00am,
I woke up and found myself in the same position;  savasana (corpse pose) has become a comfort pose for me and I can stay in it for a long time.  I noticed that the pack was still warm and so was my chest, they kept each other warm - a mutual relationship!  I counted my blessing once again for thousands of savasanas that made that possible, and yes, I check my alignment thoroughly when getting ready to sleep: shoulders away from the ears,  checking in on the lower back, etc.. If I had been uncomfortable, I would have turned to the site and the pack would have fallen off.  Most nights I fall asleep in savasana, because I either listen to Thomas Amelio's mantras (which I eventually hope to memorize) or do some simple breathwork for a few minutes to clear my mind which most of the time results in soundless sleep... If you have questions about savasana, I suggest that you inquire with your yoga teacher.  There are many ways to support savasana in case of lower back or knee tension.  I also use an herb pillow for my head, it is tiny and I love it.  It supports my neck by aligning itself to its contour.  I discussed this with my acupuncturist in the past, she agreed it was a perfect solution for me.  For years I had slept without pillows at all because common pillows never really felt comfortable.  Naturally it is not a fit all solution.  It works for me, I wake up without neck tension which I am very grateful for since I do have a cervical problem which has been covered in the past.  
my pillow - side view; it's less than an inch high ...

view from above, it is tiny, as you can see it fits perfectly into the Earth Shoe bag used as pillow case....

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