Monday, September 24, 2012

Runners' Feet Love DESSERTS: Women's Health Magazine Loves Reflexology

Self Care on the run: Walking through quiet Hells Kitchen (Clinton), I decided to do some chakra balancing by using the biya sounds on my way to Pier 84 at 6am on a recent Sunday; preparing myself for a Reflexology event for runners. Chakra balancing has become one of my self care staples, hey I get to use my singing voice

bija sounds for chakra balancing on the right 
Despite only four+ hours of sleep, I was feeling pretty good.  More grounding, however, could not hurt, never does!  I could even blast the bijas - the young clubbers leaving after hours clubs on the Far West Side coming toward me I was sure would not mind or perhaps not even notice.  I love early mornings!  I added a Root Chakra chant.

Stress leading up to event: I was relieved - my arm and wrist had felt off the day before.  Too many challenges related to my computer had followed troubles with our cable signal that lasted nearly three weeks.  Trying to save my fried (the fan was broken) "vintage" MacBook entailed a couple of bike rides along always busy 9th Avenue, and always very congested 8th Avenue. 
Without self care I would have been so much more stressed.  I wound up doing yoga late at night before bed.  The timing of all these challenges was hugely inconvenient due to many upcoming events this fall!  

The event: The four hours spent on Pier 84 were lovely; the corporate sponsors had done an amazing job setting up our tent with plenty of space for business cards and brochures.  Four colleagues and I were kicking off World Reflexology Week* 2012 in a very special way.  We introduced runners to Foot (and Hand) Reflexology.  

Shout Out for World Reflexology Week by Women's Health Magazine!

WORLD REFLEXOLOGY WEEK 2012!  I am offering discounted sessions which will include printed instructions for a simple Hand Reflexology Self Care session you can share with your family.  Happy WRW week!  Please, help us spread the word about the awesome benefits of Reflexology returning you to balance (homeostasis0!
(Offer effective through Oct. 31, 2012)  

Many of us - Reflexologists nationally certified by ARCB and mainly members of New York State Reflexology Association (NYSRA*) - do this every year.  We are invited to venues and coordinate events to promote Reflexology and to catch up with each other and continue the path of Eunice Ingham, the mother of modern Reflexology.    

Complimentary Foot and Hand Reflexology sessions for Runners
 on a gorgeous first day of fall
 (many thanks to my colleague Petra van Noort, Women's Health, Feed Foundation,
Vaseline, and the many volunteers ) 

The location, the session: The pier we were on is in between the Circle Line pier and the Intrepid pier (the new home of the Space Shuttle); it is a pier that I sometimes go to, it must be one of the most touristy piers in New York, but early on Sunday it was all about locals raising money to end hunger by running and celebrating afterwords.  Foot Reflexology was part of the party; it is much more than making your beat up feet feel good, but Reflexology and Running are a match made in heaven.  The women I met on Sunday were the proof; they loved it.  Nobody touches the feet like a Reflexologist does.  The runners' feet were loosened up with DESSERTS (more correctly they should be called Appetizers since they are most commonly used in the beginning of a session), but because they feel so delicious, Reflexologists call them desserts!!!  Ooohs, ahhs, and oh my god, this feels so good, is the most common response by newcomers.  And that was just the beginning of the session.

The experience - my angle:  Most of the runners seemed to be pretty relaxed mentally/emotionally when they sat down in the Lafuma Chair, but they were just tired because their day started even earlier than mine.  I found my usual approach of guiding the client into a session with a few relaxing breaths unnecessary (as a yogi with teacher certifications I have a stand alone pranayama practice so I usually include the breath); it happened instinctively, but I immediately recognized why, because their breath was in their belly, they had done plenty of breath work during the run!  They were not coming from a stressful day at the office or out and about in the city.    
Hands on runners feet - the sun has arrived!
Exercising usually sinks your breath into the belly; the sessions offered were minis of fifteen minutes.  There was a bit of education and time being still allowed the runners to visit deep inside (meditate) if they chose to.  (So the question for me arose what happens when you go into a Reflexology session mentally relaxed already but perhaps a bit sore.)      
The sun hit a hand here, a foot there but soon the runners' faces were fully trenched in sunlight, taking photos was a bit challenging. 
- Great idea, joining health, fitness and reflexology in the fight to end hunger, many thanks to all participants!  

A message to regular runners: Try Foot Reflexology, hire a nationally ARCB* certified Reflexologist.
A message to non-runners: Try Foot, Hands, Face, Ear Reflexology for relaxation/prevention/pain management/meditative aid, or just to feel pampered!   

Fund Raising Runners

*WRW: Past events have taken place at the Hospital for Joint Diseases, Ronald Mac Donald House, Helen Keller Foundation, You Can Thrive Foundation, Long Island Jewish Hospital, Monter Cancer Research Center, Reflections Yoga, Namaste Yoga, and others.-created by ICR for a healthier world:
*ARCB: Reflexology Certification Board: certifies Reflexologists on national level 
*NYSRA: premiere US Reflexology association 

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