Thursday, March 29, 2018

Dien Cham Calmed Overly Excited Puppy almost Immediately

I was spending time at the Taitung train station on October 25, waiting for the train to Taipei after Gina Stewart's RVP Program that followed the International Reflexology Conference hosted by the ICR and Father Josef (aka Father Hu) and his Taiwanese team.

I noticed a young friendly male dog.  He was very playful; actually he was too too playful and excited.  A young woman fed him white bread after she noticed that he was bothering someone who had food.  He ate some of it.   

He was adorable and I played with him, too, but he jumped up and started tearing on my clothes.  I was a bit worried about this getting out of control, but somehow I forgot all about the One_Minute Facial Reflexology for Dogs. I had not had an encounter like this, and I had only given sessions to dogs that seemed calm to protect myself.

He held on to one of my wooden bead bracelets which I found attracted most dogs and after a while I just let go of it and puppy walked away playing with it and a plastic bottle. 

Two young man were teasing him and he followed them so I reclaimed my bracelet.

He came back and bothered someone else who seemed really helpless.  I went over and helped the young man who was really appreciative and said he found him a bit too aggressive.  I agreed and added that it was a young dog full of energy (maybe in heat?). 

Then it was me again.  I did a few facial strokes; I knew he was not a biter at that point and felt safe to do some of the protocol; whatever he allowed me to do and that is when a miracle happened: he laid down on his side, hyperventilated,
 then calmed down and fell asleep almost immediately at my feet.  What a learning experience.  I think he really needed this session.  He did not wake up and I could leave without problems after returning from the bathroom. 

I still think of him often; I called him Ringo.  I found myself wishing I could take him with me.  I think about the many of dogs I have met the way I think of people.  The leave lasting impressions.

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This may help you to shift from fight/flight to more ease:
- Inhale through the nose and exhale slowly and completely through the mouth on a ha sound, repeat twice, then return to natural breathing and observe...

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