Saturday, December 29, 2018

Counter Balancing Toxicity - Tips for Every Day

I heard this one recent morning on NPR.
Toxic is the word of the Year 2018; I am not sure about the context (was it related to the environment or politics?), however as far as wellness is concerned, STRESS if it becomes chronic leads to toxicity. 

 - Here are some ideas for the remainder of the holidays (I put this together a few years ago and shared it on my FB channel) to keep stress and thus toxicity down the road at bay- self care for stress. 

- Of course, these ideas can also be used as New Year's Resolution(s).  Baby steps work better for many than big leaps.  It is easier to incorporate baby steps into our often so very busy lives to introduce more balance, better quality of life (QoL).  

"If you’d like to keep stress and pounds at bay during the holiday(s), we still have a few days to go, I personally have done/or continue to do): perhaps some will resonate with you and you will continue to do them on a regular basis.

Enjoy!  🎈
Tips for every day
- drinking water first thing in the morning (lukewarm and with lemon if possible) to get your digestion going and making sure to hydrate (alcohol and coffee both dehydrate) throughout the day;
- finding time for short walks between meals (long walks are even better); don't be surprised if others join in (it has happened to me); humans after all are made to move, as are animals, so bring along the puppies. 
- adding stillness during the meals to eat mindfully (chewing every bite more thoroughly);   
- doing some simple seated yoga twists to support your digestion (chair yoga or mat yoga);  
- doing some simple breath work (just following along your breath) to clear your mind before falling asleep, do the same before getting out of bed (setting the tone for the day); 
- doing simple stretches (if necessary during bathroom breaks) targeting tight areas in your body; 
- and last but not least, remember hand reflexology  (the hands represent the entire body), by giving them some TLC (and thus your entire body) by rubbing, squeezing, stretching, massaging them, and spending a bit more time on sensitive areas, a few minutes will make a difference...." it works best if you bring 100% of your attention to it. 
- oh and one more thing, find your animal friends, get down on the floor or up on the couch with them and put in some cuddle or nap time. 

Please, note the above are not meant to replace classes, private session, wellness coaching, but are tiny steps that can benefit most of us and are very grounding. - If you find yourself saying that you can't do any of that, I recommend that you inquire with friends. 

Enjoy the remainder of 2018 and have a safe and joyful New Year's.

Thank you for your visit as always,

some of the reflexes on the hands

home made family meal (a few years ago) 

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