Saturday, June 22, 2019

Receiving and Giving at Kripalu

Receiving: Positional Therapy.
I finally had my first session with Sally at Kripalu.   It was a wonderful experience and as a Reflexologist I was smitten with the fact that face, ears, feet and hands were visited during my 50-minute session.  S. made me laugh when she called my body buttery and easy to work with while it felt to me that she used my body as if it were clay.  I mentioned to her that I do daily Reflexology and Yoga.   We agreed that daily self care makes a big difference. 

At one of my corporate events I met a lawyer who said that positional therapy “fixes” him when I mentioned Lee Albert (mentioned on this blog previously.  Lee Albert developed Positional Therapy) who advises that using a rolled up pillow seems to be the best way to support alignment during prolonged sitting.  Most of us get tired very quickly sitting which results in gravity taking over aka slouching and muscular strain. 

Giving Reflexology:  
My fellow faculty assistants in dorm room 181 (love this L-shaped room with it's beautiful view) were lovely women.  One of them was a young woman from Toronto.  Whenever we made plans to meet she suggested to meet outside which I really appreciated and it was great fun to introduce her to facial and foot reflexology on the last day.  She called it nurturing and as a fellow bodyworker enjoyed my technique (thank you).  She loved the photos I sneaked of her as seen above and immediately pointed at the smile.  The session took place in one corner of the grassy strip close to a tree which she picked.  Fortunately Kripalu thought of everything and provides blankets for use on the lawn.  I removed her grey headband which perfectly matched the blankets and used it as eye pillow.  She speculated that that will be the next yoga (novelty) product, a head band/eye pillow and discussed design elements briefly.  I added that it would also come with an app to measure REM (rapid eye movement) or similar...  :-) cause you know, 21st century means apps for everything...good and fun times, very nurturing and strengthening. 

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A few mindful breaths can at times allow for more ease..

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