Thursday, March 24, 2016

It's Just Too Easy! Knee Pain Anyone?

Left Knee Reflex on the Hand
I was showing a friend of mine how to alleviate knee pain.  It is easy.  Chances are, however that he will not do it, because it is just too easy. And yes, I will send this to him.
I showed him the knee reflexes on the hands and said that he could literally work those reflexes without stopping to do what he was doing - he had just done a major run and told me that at one point his knees were hurting.

This blog, my petite obscure blog, as I sometimes lovingly refer to it keeps reminding me how often I have helped myself with very simple and non-invasive tricks to feel better, to be able to continue an activity, to get through a crisis with less stress.  
(I also have averted more serious challenges; just check out older posts...) 
However, I am not saying, replace medical attention with reflexology, that would be illegal and very foolish of me.

If we pay attention to the body and treat it with more respect we can help ourselves very often to relieve pain and discomfort.  Treat it as if it were your baby.  Spend time getting in touch with your body (and mind, of course, and breath..).  

If we keep working against it (oh it's just a little pain, "my pain" and I have things to do, sorry...) and let discomfort become chronic it can become "rocket science" to undo it...  

I am saying get curious about REFLEXOLOGY.  
  • If it does not work immediately, do it again, but often it will work immediately. 
  • Or schedule a session, experience a private session conducted by an ARCB nationally certified practitioner like myself and ask for pointers on how to use it for self care to help you with an ongoing challenge.
  • This is another way to start.  Have a look at your reflexes via the below link to an interactive reflexology map of the hands and feet.



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