Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Puppy Stress: Is Shelter, Food, And Love Enough?

Out and about with Mowgli
This is what happened one recent morning in the West 50s (Hell's Kitchen/Clinton) within ten minutes on the way back home: 

- A tiny dog, very friendly, and not afraid of Mowgli at all.  I chat with the owner.  Puppy lost one eye due to abuse by his former owner, but seems utterly happy just to be alive.  Nevertheless, this puppy would benefit from daily puppy reflexology despite the fact that it seems unaffected.  

- An owner sitting on the stoop with his puppy, 
a handsome pit bull, small but muscular.  He gets

squeamish around bigger dogs, I am told.  Mowgli is bigger.  As we continue to chat (puppies not interacting) from a distance, the said dog gets very verbal and loud.  He was producing the most unusual high pitched sounds.  Entertaining in a way, but only for a second.  He is a rescue, the owner explains.  I can only imagine the abuse this puppy has suffered.  Reflexology could help this puppy. 

- A few steps farther down; a small white dog sits in the middle of the narrow sidewalk, pooping.  His owner waves at me telling me to stay away.  I stop and remember that I encountered him before.  He then disappears behind a car, making room for us to walk by.  This puppy is challenged around other dogs.

From my own experience I know that dogs and their owners are joined via an unseen umbilical cord or via Blue tooth if you will.  The more we understand that, they more we will be interested in doing something extra for the puppy and mutually benefit.  Facial reflexology (Dien Cham) makes for a great tool.  Please, check back for a soon to be published simplified one-minute daily routine that has been the foundation of Mowgli's routine. 


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