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About Yoga and Digging - Holiday Weekend!

one of the waterfalls
one day after full moon
Yoga (practicing asanas) has been on my mind all the time (it has been keeping me sane often and for those instances when I lost it, it often has helped me bounce back.  When I am off, it is an absolute priority.  It was my intention to practice every day during the Memorial Day weekend.  Well that did not materialize, or maybe it did. 

Hiking at the amazing Raymondskill Water Falls never fails to put me into the best of moods.  We stopped for this hike as we so often do.  The falls were bigger than I had ever seen them before due to extensive rain falls, and guess what, walking up away from the falls there were two white water rafters. 
Thank god they knew what they were doing; they knew there was a spot right before the big waterfall where they could get out easily.  

Mowgli basking in the sun
It was a day after flower moon (full moon), I wanted to snap a few photos and went outside around midnight for Mowgli's last walk.  R. suggested to go to what we refer to as peninsula; I took the above photo of la luna with her reflection in the lake; (I also did two tiny videos which I am very happy about and which I am thinking of combining to one).  The photo session with lady moon continued for at least another 1/2 hour; I even took a few photos from inside the house; I was the only one up at this point; they say moon bathing is very healthy.  I believe it.  Its beauty alone is transforming.  There was no time for asanas that night.  We had done shopping cooking, then it was movie time.  

The next day started late with a walk with Mowgli to the beach by the club house, later that day, I started weeding, my friend joined me for a while.  The garden was already looking so good; there was so much mint, spearmint, the oregano was doing fine, as were sage and chives, my garden project continued on Memorial Day.  I have not planted anything for two years in the garden and it warmed my heart to see these herbs.  I stopped to take a few photos of the garden, a froggie and a spider with egg.  Then we were off to Narrowsburg (to show my friend the spectacular Delaware and the quaint town, and visit our friend the Dyberry Weaver).  Once back boating.  Then it was time to cook dinner again; I used some herbs, a movie.  Again no asanas due to getting up too late and taking time for breakfast.  That day (Memorial Day), busy in the garden I finally realized that gardening was my asana, and concluded that I did quite a bit of yoga.  I was in a squat for the most part reaching forward, balancing, admiring the spider, observing froggie; I was connected to the earth firmly,- literally and also by digging and caring for these herbs - and the innermost part of myself; I was present and I was also present with memories of my brothers and my aunt.  The elder one's birthday usually falls on Memorial Day Weekend and the younger one died one day after almost 10 years ago in his early thirties, on my aunt's birthday who had died prematurely as well.  I was doing fine, I was doing yoga big time.
So right before we left, however, there was time for some formal LV bench asanas, like surya namaskar and chandra namaskar, as well as some knee strenghtening exercises.  I also did my Chi Gong routine sitting on the bench.  My friend followed along, R. made a funny dance out of one of the Chi Gong movements!
Despite the significance of Memorial Day weekend for me, the two and a half days away left me strengthened.  On the way home, we saw about a dozen of turkey vultures - what a sight, followed by a bear crossing the street.  It was twilight, time for wildlife to go hunting and for us to return to the city.  
in the herb garden 

in celebration of the holiday and it's meaning; I created this bouquet

froggie in the garden

the garden after weeding; aisles created 2 years ago have disappeared...
spectacular NJ sunset on the way home
turkey vulture sighting in NJ (about a dozen) at twilight
turkey vulture

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