Monday, June 10, 2013

Spring Magic/There IS a Perfect Chi Gong Spot in Central Park

Chess and Checkers House, Central Park
Last spring, I started my morning outdoors chi gong practice (and often added LV Chair Yoga) on the South side of Central Park; I practiced outside until November and even on mild winter days.  It was a very gratifying experience.
At first I had settled in on the pretty hill by the bridge,  then by the benches on the east side of the ball field; ideally I wanted to face the morning sun.  After a while there was just too much going on.  A group of dog owners started congregating there after their walks, and it also turned into tourist central.  From then on, I kind of just moved around and went with the flow and at times I just practiced at home or at the river later during the day if my schedule allowed it or at night.  It did not matter.  I realized there was no perfect spot.  

It was about my practice foremost not the perfect location and by nature I like moving around anyway, it suits my personality much more. 

On one of my morning walks with Mowgli early this spring, we did Mowgli's choice which is when he is allowed to pick the direction which took led us to the Chess and Checkers House; I spontaneously decided to check it out; we did not walk by there that often and I think I only walked up the stairs once before.  Well, it may well be the absolutely perfect spot for my morning practice:  it's even, it's up on a hill so it's very scenic.  There are ample of options to move around (in case I am not the only one there) and to tie up Mowgli who can bask in the sun, watch birds and squirrels, and me practicing.  That day, he gave me that look that said that he liked being there.  The area is rather large and I could not even hear the two couples' voices.  They were having breakfast, checking the map.   

I have practiced there many times since and yes, it has been the the perfect spot, and I am always happy to get there.  Central Park in general has always been very important to me and I have always looked for ways to spend time there; rollerblading, biking, walking, hanging out with friends/dates/visitors, Summerstage, Shakespeare in the Park, the NYC Marathon, picnics, passing through on the way to the Upper East Side.  I also have also gone there for plenty of solitude and now of course, it's mostly morning walks with Mr. Mowgli which can be a very social activity because we know so many dogs and their owners now.    

Spring in Central Park
getting engrossed in the magic of spring photography 

view of Columbus Circle from Sheep Meadow - love the composition of this photo

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