Thursday, March 24, 2016

This Morning....Ouch!

I am doing something Un-German by keeping my sentences short.  Being challenged by a friend.
This is what I vaguely remember about this morning:

I think the alarm clock had gone off, but I was not fully awake.
I tried to move but my neck felt so stiff.
Must have been in a weird postion, no problem, I remember thinking. 
With some effort I repostioned myself but the neck still felt the same. 
A second of panic.  What happened?
I adjusted my tiny pillow.
I just keep it underneath my neck and move it around all night as needed.

It is true.
This is how I keep myself entertained.  

It was close to getting up.
I did my Dien Charm morning routine, basic session.
I added the neck reflex.
Then I must have fallen asleep again. 
The alarm clock went off for the second time.
Remembering my morning routine and the neck, I checked in 
Neck pain gone.
In retrospect I wonder whether this had all been a dream.  
I believe something like this happened before.  
Note to myself check old posts.
And how was your morning?  Good afternoon.



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