Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Reflexology Declared Safe for Animals! Human Tests Successful for over 4,000 Years!

Mowgli's adoption day.
Reflexology is believed to have been tested on humans for at least four thousand three hundred forty six years. 

Rejoice!  Reflexology - Safe for our animal friends (our better halves, as I like to say) too!   
Our relationships are better if pet and owner are balanced. Reflexology can support both of us along the way.  

Sharon Gannon, the animal rights activist/yogini (Jivamukti Founder) is in favor of a well balanced relationship with our pets.

Here is a mini video of a reflex on the face that Mowgli likes a lot; I am inviting you to try it on your puppy or kitty.  
However, I suggest you do it on yourself first, so they can see what you are about to do.  

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