Friday, June 24, 2016

Family Matters - Soaking Feet et al.


Sometimes it is not easy to get your family, friends to be as excited as you about holistic methods you swear by and you are sure that would help them.  And this can be frustrating, very frustrating as a matter of fact.  

It can be difficult for someone with little experience of holistic healing to fully understand the power of it.

Even myself having been on this path for more than 20 years am sometimes surprised about the immediate results, be it yoga or reflexology-related. 

Back to family: Regal has had reflexology sessions on various occasions:
- as first aid (allergy fits, twisted ankle when he came running - not literally in case of the latter, of course - for help)
- as a treat (he has requested sessions as birthday presents which he likes to take place at the park by the river)
I also have designed a facial self care session for him (based on Marie-France Muller) and have shared with him two hand protocols I designed.

Well, it has been years, but I just found out that he still uses both, and that he has customized both. So he has been exploring.  He uses reflexology foremost as a pre mediation practice.  

- Also there have been moments when he takes my hand and mimics reflexing.
Or he imitates me reflexing points on the face - do I really make faces? :-)

- Last weekend he invited me to join him soaking feet in the lake.  His feet get beat up from wearing sandals, he said.  I hesitated as I was in the middle of something. "Oh and I learned that from you," he said.  That did get my attention.  I personally started soaking feet in bucket while sitting at my computer and have suggested he do the same thing.  Looks like he again found his own way, the lake instead of the bucket.  Fine with me, as long as he does something.  

But then there is also the puppy-I kid you not. Puppy has been found resting with his nose against a soft ball or resting his paws on the reflexology mat.  He must be doing self care, could it be?  Remember he is the recipient of nearly daily facial and paw reflexology; pictorial to follow on that.
Wishing you a well balanced summer. 

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