Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Reflexology Path? Taipei City Wall

City Wall Taipei
The very pretty urban park at City Wall entailed a slope with mulch surface as well as a stone path (reflexology path see below photo).  This one was a very pleasant one with big flat uniform stones.

I loved taking off my shoes walking back and forth between the Beiman Subway Station and our hotel in downtown Taipei.

However, I never saw anyone else taking off their shoes, and yes, the area was never very busy when we passed through there, although there is heavy motor cycle traffic.

Could it be that this was not an official reflexology path?  I noticed other areas embellished with river rocks, at times in unusual places, e.g. under a bench.  And there were these tiny pebble squares along a sidewalk which I started referring to as reflexology paths for 👶.

But pebbles have grounding properties (earth element, feng shui).  I really wanted to return for evening meditation there, but somehow that did not materialize.  One more reason to return to Taipei again.  

I recommend to anyone to experience these barefoot paths, reflexology paths, chi paths, stone foot paths whatever they may be called.  Remember the thousands of nerve endings on your feet that communicate with the rest of the body and enhance quality of life. 

These paths, by the way also exist in Europe, countries like Austria and Germany, and others.  I will look up respective links for future posts, there are a at least two to three more to follow.  Thank you for visiting, reading as usual, B. 

Reflexology Path at City Wall 

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