Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Examining Life in Central Park

This lady is examining life...
Amanda was in a way one of my favorite quotes coming to life, even more so because she looked like she stepped out of Ancient Greece.  While she calls her project Examining Life, the quote I am talking about is  The unexamined life is not worth living by Socrates.

We encountered her at the end of a long walk on a Saturday morning in spring; it was sunny and hot.  It was fun to go on camera so spontaneously.  In case you end up watching the video,  I had to keep an eye on Mowgli who was frolicking in the grass with Gus whom you can not see here while Anastasia and Regal were speaking, and I did not even know I was in the frame, while the two were speaking.

Once it was done, it was done:-).  Would you watch and analyze  how you responded, and be judgmental?  Some of us do that that to ourselves.

I am someone who is guilty of :) examining life, and during our walk we talked about how it must be for children to be growing up with the internet.  (I call myself lucky to know a life without it, and yes, of course, I have no idea what my life would look like without it these days.)
Amanda was an extension and conclusion of our talk.

The one thing that is really important, too, to flourish in life is Trust, (that was Amanda’s question) but at the bery base of flourishing is of course to have our very basic needs covered: good quality food, safe water, shelter and education falls into that category as well as a balanced lifestyle.
I did mention yoga and reflexology; Regal made sure to remind me and it made it into the video!  Thank you, Amanda; have fun examining life.   Amanda received one of my One Minute Reflexology for Animals card; I’ll be following her on IG via

Thank you for your visit as always,

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