Monday, April 19, 2010

Jet Lag - Traveling - Altered Eating Habits

Recently, I was in Europe for 13 days and just made it back to New York before the second eruption of the volcano in Iceland with the unpronounceable name starting with an E. While I had my book with me, I admit I did not open it once; traveling, visiting a country or city for the first time just occupied all the senses and seemingly almost every part of my brain and made me very forgetful about the routine I left behind. The plan was to explore the protocol for jet lag; instead I used the basic session (relaxation/tone up) every day and any time I felt a sniffle - how could I not - it is so easy - I did the appropriate protocol, which I also showed to my brother when he sneezed after hiking in the Alps during snow flurries.. he seemed somewhat curious - his wife joined in for the balancing done at the end.... it felt good, she said.

My diet was off; for some reason, eating meat for several days did not seem so bad this time - perhaps because it was cold and this was just the way I grew (I was back at home for a couple of days). When we were invited and there was mostly meat at the table, I ate it. I was a little afraid that I was gaining weight, alas I decided to let go of my worries, after all we were quite active both mentally and physically. I did some light yoga including some breathing exercises and as previously mentioned the basic session, and ultimately, I believe it helped my digestion to deal with the meat consumption; and while my bathroom routine was affected, I was NOT constipated. Given the fact that my clothes were not warm enough and I felt often a little cold, it was almost a miracle that I did not get sick; the energy giving massage, which I did at least once a day, sometimes more often, may have helped as well as the basic session. As per Marie-France, this (energy giving session) helps you to better withstand the chill of winter and you will be less susceptible to head colds. As a reminder I had a photo of the tone-up (part of the basic session) as screen saver on my black berry because I sometimes confuse points with the chakra balancing protocol.

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