Thursday, July 15, 2010

Guest Blogger

Hello, I'm guest-blogging today on "frog on the face" for B, the author of this blog and expert on all things involving reflexology:) B came to visit me for the day at my new house just outside NYC to introduce me to some of Marie-France Muller's techniques.

My main problem is that I'm very stressed out b/c my husband & I took on a new house & a new baby at the same time. Every baby book will tell you not to do this, but what choice did we have? The housing bubble has burst only recently in the NYC area & I had been searching for an affordable home for 7 years.
But then we added to our stress by choosing a turn-of-the-century fixer-upper, which is entirely our own fault, but we had fallen for her crown moldings and original character...a recipe for stress if ever there was one...more on this subject later...

So B made a house call to help me & the baby. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I am open to ideas of alternative healing. I began practicing yoga about 3 years ago and I was amazed by how it affected my mind as well as my body. As a 30-something-year-old, I'm not used to having an experience that feels strikingly new - But yoga had that effect on me. I wondered if facial reflexology would have a similar impact? I'd never tried acupuncture or reflexology before.

B started by showing me MF Muller's book & explaining to me some of the ideas behind it. Then she created an individual facial grid sheet for me to tackle a twofold problem: one that relates to relaxing & toning and another that addresses the gestational diabetes that I had when I was pregnant with my son. While the gestational diabetes is now gone, I'm prone to Type II adult-onset diabetes later in life. B also showed me an exercise that uses both hands to wake up the face and energize the body - very useful since I'm nursing and should have limited amounts of caffeine. First, I tried the relaxing exercises in front of the mirror, using my knuckle to rub each point of the face twelve times in a circular motion. (My current favorite reflex point is #26 - between the eyes) and then I worked through the toning up model whose purpose is to release blocked up energy & renew the body's immune system.

My initial impression? I feel that it is a fascinating new way for me to meditate. A goal of yoga is to go through an hour of exercise to help one achieve better meditation at the end. But with a new baby, most days I don't have the time, & I rarely have an uninterrupted hour just for myself. I can, however, regularly steal five minutes here and there, and so far I'm finding the facial exercises a godsend.

What's the next step for me? How do I continue my practice in the face of stress - since I have a tendency to shut down & stop what I'm doing -and embrace routine? I'm also interested in the effects of practice over time and how my initial impression may change or grow? Until next is calling...

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Anonymous said...

Aside from "regularly stealing five minutes here and there" and giving the method a chance, thank you also for taking time for sharing in writing.
As for shutting down, I know what this feels like. But I must say, we just must be on the right track. We can try to treat this shutting down as stress for example (which it without a doubt is) and also give ourselves a chance when we need it most, by stepping away and inhaling /expanding and exhaling/letting go coupled with points...perhaps closing the eyes...

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