Monday, September 13, 2010

Allergy Season: The First Sniffle

One day, I was showing my client the allergy (respiratory) protocol, namely, the zones only, not the individual points and marked it on a facial grid; it is so easy to remember it is just two areas - one above the eyebrows, the other one below the eyes on the cheeks (2 fairly thick bands) my client's area above the eyebrows remained red for some time, which showed me that this zone needed this work.
As soon as I got outside after we had wrapped up, a severe sniffle hit me - how ironic! 
Was it allergies? I had allergies 2-3 years ago for the first time, but not since, thank god. However, having just looked up the zones, I immediately worked them and the sniffle eased tremendously immediately; I decided to add the zones to work when that first sniffle hits - just in case especially during allergy season - I do not want to ever develop allergies (I still remember how my brother Ferdinand suffered) if I can avoid it and especially since it only takes a few seconds to do something about it. With the Facial Reflexology Self Care Manual I am prepared for many common health challenges and I can address them immediately...

The below NCCIH article does not include a mention of reflexology unfortunately, however, it includes the use of neti pot and mentions local honey, and this is the reason why I posted it.
Yoga Journal covers the yoga perspective.
And the Au Soleil Healing article by Donna Housh mentions the use of Lavender.

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