Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Over Excited - Puppy Mowgli

Around the Christmas holidays, Mogwli (to read more about Mowgli use the  Search This Blog function) spent some time with a cousin.  I was told they got along wonderfully and played non-stop.  Some time later, his cousin moved to town and they started running into each other at the neighborhood dog run regularly; Mowgli was so excited about Buddy, that R, my partner, told me that Mowgli could not retract his private part one day during play with Buddy.
It lasted minutes, and Mowgli retreated having difficulties walking - he was obviously in pain; we decided to watch him closely and see the vet if necessary.  Soon thereafter I encountered the same scenario. When I saw what was happening, I started massaging Mowgli's face as I had been doing on a daily basis; he did not object to it but seemed comforted; I used a soft voice (as I had witnessed Wolfgang the vet's assistant do), Mowgli kept still; this time it lasted about two to three minutes, then he was back to normal.  We have not seen it happen since.

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