Sunday, October 24, 2010

Stiff Neck - Week 1

Let's see-the first week began on a low note on all 4 counts: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Having been traveling for the best part of two weeks and then coming back to work for three days and traveling that weekend I felt unsettled to say the least. Like Catherine I have found it more productive to keep notes on each session. This way I can remember what I did, why I did it and if I tried any new points.
I've been reading the book by Marie-France Muller sporadically rather then front to back. I find it to be a good resource in that it's easy to understand and has loads of suggestions and info.

At the very least, I did the massage for stiff neck and cervical vert. in the AM and PM every day, most sessions 11/14 I did relaxation or toner and HA and right Knee. After 3 sessions I started doing relaxation at night and toner in the am before I did any others. Also, after 3 sessions I started trying to use a mirror whenever possible. On Sat. 10/16 I woke up at 3 am with a HA and stiff neck and found that when I tried the massage lying down it did not work, but when I sat up it truly helped. The muscles in my neck loosened up and the tension in my head diminished greatly. Once I added some heat the pain was gone.
I forgot to say that I've been using two, thin markers that have a rounded blunt end which seem to work better than my finger tips or knuckles. I am open to other suggestions.
This past weekend I was reading about facial massage for hotflashes. I decided to try it a couple of times. The massage did not get rid of the flash, but it did seem to be shorter and less intense. Am planning on further experimentation.
I also did share the Backache massage points with a coworker, but have not heard her results.
I do hope you all are having good results and enjoying this self treat. I didn't originally think I would, but I actually look forward to these self-induced breaks. Thank you Meg and Birgit


bn said...

Hi Rudi, welcome to the blog; it is inspiring that you used the method waking up in the middle of the night and found a way to make it work by sitting up to alleviate headache after it did not work initially. Did you take a break in between sessions? And how did you add heat?
Please, keep us up to date about the hot flash topic. I am glad you look forward to your sessions and you exposed your coworker to it. -

MG said...

I really liked your blog post, Mom. Very interesting about sitting up vs. lying down. How did you think to change position or did it happen naturally? I look forward to the breaks as well!

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