Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cervical Spine - helping a friend

My friend R has had cervical problems since he was a child - he is about 40 now; one day we met for lunch; he told me that he helped someone lift boxes; as a result he could barely move his neck and had pain running down his arms; last time this happened it lasted about 2 months; that was 2 years ago. R is in tune with his body - he is a yoga teacher.
My Selenite Stick

He did a lot of self care the day before and I showed him how to work the spinal column via the reflexes on the face for additional self care focusing on the cervical area: I let him use my selenite stick; he looked up and said, "it actually worked." He could feel a difference, then he received a foot reflexology session - he fell asleep at one point; when he got up he definitely felt better and I could see that the angle between his neck and L shoulder was different.

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